Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dressing up!

For Halloween Libby dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Gracie dressed as a Renaissance princess. They were adorable to say the least. Gracie still asks everyday for a piece of "tandy". She has a major sweet tooth. And Libby will dress up like Buzz on demand. Our friend Larry went along with Billy and the girls for the candy hunt while Terry, Laura and I handed out candy at the house.


Marti Pieper said...

So much cuteness. So much love. Not being jealous of Mama Terry requires extra prayer on my part!

Can't wait to see that third little dress-up-girl joining these. Praying!

Debi said...

Just too cute! The kids in our neighborhood don't often do door to door trick or treating and the ones that do come are really not very dressed up at all. These girls would have been so fun to come calling!
(Not complaining- we really do have good kids in our neighborhood).

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