Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation, May 2011

Our family has not been on a vacation alone since, well, since we became a family. We decided this year we would vacation in South Padre. We spent a week a the SunChase IV condo. And if there hadn't been construction on our roof for the first four days, it might have been a great location.  We made the best of it and enjoyed the beach when we could. It was not quite warm enough the first few days and the wind was brutal a couple of other days. It took us about 4 days to really settle in. Guess we needed vacation more than we realized:) The pics are not all in the right order, but you get the idea - cute kids on the beach! Great memories. We are grateful we had the opportunity to get away, laugh and play.


Gracie - a.k.a. princess - she did not like the seaweed and sand. 

Seriously growing up too fast....and too pretty.

once a seaweed-free-pathway was made, she was good to go...hauling water for her sister, of course.

first evening on beach. really calm evening.

Libby and Daddy

full moon

breakfast on the balcony every morning = NICE!

Built many castles. This was one of our best.

my favorite pic of the girls from vacation


warm and cozy watching the cheesiest movie in all of history - Yogi Bear

Really, could she be any cuter?

checking out the sea turtles


love this!

Billy took Libby on a fishing boat for a day. She caught 12 - more than anyone else on the boat...of course.

Girls in their pretty dresses

Gracie, wearing sass.


the girl would simply NOT look at the camera.

Love that throw-back-her-head laugh/smile

precious hands

chocolate toes 


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