Saturday, November 03, 2012

Eight Days in photos

the luggage
Amarillo Airport, ready to get the show on the road! to DFW and then Miami for night.

The snacks and the read

in luggage...grrrr...

Oct. 9, just hours after reunion we are back in PAP to pick up medical papers

The do

serious conditioning going on here



the high pitched giggle, audible joy

you know I'm cute

random activities, modeling clay

making paper sandwiches

when you let an 8 year old Haitian girl do you hair this is whatcha get


the bless-ed passport

my clingy sleep partner

dry cornflakes and coffee

always propping up that pretty head...we are working on that:)

Dramamine = deep sleep on long drives - YES!

Pastor, driver, father to 8, caretaker of 100 or so....I'll never know his kind of busy

she's awake - visa appointment here we come!

ESL flashcards- she loved them!

the view from my stay

she loves to fix Barbie hair

lookin' cute

trying to look cute in this heat

banana soup for breakfast

the thing that kept me awake even with ear plugs in....i-no-heart-roosters

the narrow, packed roads

if you can zoom in to the tinted part of window you can see the miles of mountainside slums - astounding

and this is Haiti

the beloved visa!

ocean view

Haitian art

at HCRM, letting Sunny say goodbye to friends

pretty girl (on left)

and today's protein - peanut butter

driving away from the orphanage....forever....pensive

oh to know her thoughts in this moment

holding hands saying "I'm here."

practicing handwriting

before we knew how long we would wait - IBESR for exit letter

behind that door sits a lot of important papers


still waiting

and she's with me, waiting.

6.5 hours later - we have the exit letter!

goodbye Haiti

celebration and thanksgiving dinner

last morning in Haiti

goodbye sweet Sam

sweatin' in PAP airport. Sunny was in a daze, poor thing. She could not process what was happening. Dramamine wasn't helping, I'm sure.

after flight delay and 3 hours in immigration, Sunny girl gets promised first hot bath in her lifetime. I'd give anything to have it recorded so you could hear her sheer joy.

Homecoming Day!!!! Put on the new robes, its time to celebrate!

giggles over ice water

and then there was.....a welcome home like no other.

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