Saturday, October 29, 2011

September 2011...including a trip to Haiti!

September 2011 could be summed up in about 10 separate posts, but here I am cramming it into one. 

 Above: The girls and me just hanging out. I love them more than I will ever have words to describe.
Below: Gracie's first day back to Mom's Day Out. She arrived in style:)

We spent a Saturday morning at a party for one of Libby's friends where the girls rode all sorts of cute rides.

 This face is the sweetest I've ever known.

One day while Libby was in school I had a morning alone with Gracie so we did a little photo shoot of her sassiness...

Below: A little fun at the mall never hurt.

We are always dressing up in fun costumes around here.

After school one day, Gracie fell asleep like this. So sweet.

And then there was my first trip back to Haiti since February. Sunny had grown up so much in the seven months in between. But she didn't forget momma. She was BEAMING and didn't leave my side for at least 24 hours. She held my hand and took me around to see all her friends. It was a blessed re-uniting for a very special week. I went to Haiti in faith that even though we had not exited IBESR yet I could get my embassy appointment done and trust the Lord to deliver us from IBESR soon. 
 First moments back together after 7 months. She's such a sweetheart!

Below: There she is holding my hand...
 The fan was fascinating to her. She has seen them before but I guess because it was small and battery operated she thought it was more like a toy.
 The cell phone is a much sought after item among this crew...

 Oh how I love that smile!

 My newest talent - balloon shaping!

 Me and Stephania. She helps care for Sunny at HCRM. She is precious!

 Above: This is how Sunny and the older girls climb to the top where their room is.

 Gettin' her hair done.

 Sunny still chews on random items, but not near as much as she used to.

 Sleeping sweetly.

 We both look extremely tired here for a reason. It was 4 AM. Why were we up that early, you ask? EMBASSY APPOINTMENT!!! She knew how important this day was and she was EXCITED!

 Above: After Embassy Appointment. Success = RELIEF!

 Hanging with her friends...

 I caught her off guard in this picture, but still even without her smile, she is a beauty.

 Above: This is one of my favorites of her. I gave her that necklace on this trip. It said, "my family makes me whole."

 And there's that smile again!
 Once back home, I hit the road running again. Back to home school and all the fun projects that come with it. This time - self-hardening clay box. Little did I know this was a project for the garage - not my kitchen. Took FOREVER to clean up all that mess.

 Above: Sleeping beauty
Below: Engergizer bunny...also beautiful.

And the best part......... Two days after I returned from Haiti we received the long-awaited news that our papers were finally out of IBESR!!!!!!!! So we celebrated with frozen yogurt at Aspen Leaf, YUM!

 Above: This picture is absolute evidence as to how much the last 7 years of adoption journeys have aged the two of us. My goodness!

Below: The last few pics for this month are of the precious Crawley family. They have 2 bio-sons and 2 adopted girls, one from Ethiopia and one from China. Our adoption stories are kind of woven together. The Lord used our family to confirm they were called to adopt from Ethiopia. Andy and Alli are serious about the Lord and they knew they were called to adopt special needs. When we went to ET to pick up Gracie we had the honor of meeting the Crawley family's girl (Addi) and pray over her. At that time she couldn't walk. A few months after she arrived home she began to walk. A few months after that the Crawley's were called to adopt a girl from China with brittle-bone disease. They named her Sunny. She is precious.  Long story short, Alli did not know we were adopting from Haiti when she kept having a dream of a young girl. She heard we were adopting and thought the dream might be about our daughter. I sent her a picture of then, Keemberlie, and it was the girl in Alli's dreams and she was bright and radiant. I later decided that "Sunny" should be Keemberlie's name as well because her disposition is very bright and sunny. And it seemed fitting that our 2 daughters should carry the same name.
The Crawley family came to San Antonio to finish Sunny's re-adoption and we had the chance to see them for the first time since before they ever brought Addi home from ET. It was a blessed time with amazing friends.
 Above: This is beautiful Addi.
Below: Beautiful Sunny Crawley.

Above: Catcher and Libby
Below: The Footes and Crawleys

It was also during the month of September that we received a firm word that Billy would be taking on a new opportunity for his songwriting. Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo has asked Billy to come be a part of writing songs for the church and training other songwriters to do the same. Its an awesome opportunity for Billy! More about this in a later post...

October is next!
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