Friday, October 28, 2011

How To Catch Up....Let's Start with July

July 2011. Everything was about to change and we had NO idea. Camps were underway for the summer along with the stressful wait for adoption paperwork to exit IBESR in Haiti. To relieve my stress, I looked to the future joy of bringing Sunny home. I bought her "coming home" dress.

And then we were off to Glorietta, NM to lead worship for Fuge Camp. As soon as we arrived in Glorietta we saw a beautiful double rainbow. The week was full of girl-time as each band member brought their wife and child(ren)....all girls!

On the way home from NM we bookended our trip with another beautiful double rainbow. This one showed up in the middle of a dust storm before the rain ever fell. It was AMAZING!

Looking back, it was during that week that we received a call regarding a new opportunity for Billy. The seed was planted on a week that began and ended with reminders of God's faithfulness to fulfill his promises. Go God!

We were home one day before we had to repack and head to south TX for Camp Zephyr. Each time we are at Zephyr we spend some chill time on the back deck overlooking the water and try to get cute pics of the girls. It was another year of success on that account...

Once home, I avoided the frustration of a slow adoption process by taking the girls to the pool - a lot! Billy took them as well - almost everyday. And since it didn't rain for months on end and it was over 100 for like 90 something days, the pool was the only way to go...

aren't they so cute!

Gracie has no fear of the water at all!

Libby is an awesome poser...I mean swimmer.

and I just couldn't leave out this picture of Libby.

Every now and then I'm really proud of a meal and have to take a photo hence....

And before I knew it, summer was ending and it was time to prepare for the coming school year. Libby was becoming an official Kindergartner and Gracie was all about making new friends at Mom's Day Out. We started our preparations with new backpacks and matching lunchboxes.

 Libby is getting good at painting/drawing. After a day out running errands, I came home to this painting of the double rainbows we saw in the dust storm in NM. Its our car driving by the beautiful scene. 

And here is the precious girl in her school uniform. We are homeschooling, but using the University Model. So she is in an actual school/classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And homeschool at home M/W/F. She looks so grown up in this uniform and she wears it with such pride.

 She loves putting it on for guests. This time our special guests were Grammy and Papa Boots!!! We were so excited to have them in our home!

And that was July. August updates/photos coming soon...


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