Friday, October 28, 2011

August 2011

August 2011...the adventure continues...

Grammy and Papa Boots were here for several days. We went to Fredericksburg for a little shopping and, of course, picture taking...

I really love this pic of the girls with Grammy.

 This one turned out great too!

 Grammy and Papa took the girls shopping and they scored BIG TIME. Check out these adorable outfits! 

Hanging out at the Martine's!

And then it was time for CHINA CAMP!

 China camp lasts 3 days. This year Billy and I had to lead worship in Dallas on the night of China camp's day 2. So Libby spent the night with the Harrells while Billy and I took Gracie to Dallas for the quick trip. We didn't return until 2AM that night. The next day was picture day for China camp kids and their moms. While I love this picture and how Libby is just resting on me, I look SO TIRED! And that is why folks!

 Libby and Maliah

 Libby and her Chinese Friends...all of whom she ADORES! 

 Libby and Lily

 Lily and Elissa

 Cristie and Maliah

 Rhonda and Ava Claire

 Shawna and Olivia
 Jennifer and Kaleigh Mei

 Lily and Hope (our newest addition to China camp!)

a satisfied Libby on the last day of camp. She enjoys nothing more than being with her Chinese friends and eating Chinese noodles!

 Our 12 Year Anniversary!

Just hanging out in their pjs...aka long t-shirts

After China camp and our anniversary came parent training for Libby's school. It was a full week, let me tell you. Lots of new curriculum to conquer. Immediately after that we were headed to Amarillo to give a new opportunity some serious consideration. Did you know Amarillo is about a 9 hour drive from San Antonio? IT WAS SO LONG! But we had a great time in Amarillo and came away realizing God was probably calling us to move.

And then came..................
 Libby's first day of school!....tears..... Not much going on here, right? NOT! Adoption, first baby's first day of school, new curriculum to learn, a possible move.... yea... I was an emotional being, for sure!

 she is so beautiful

 Gracie really missed her big sister that day.

 Billy and the girls on Libby's first day of school

 Libby at her school desk.

And as if I was not emotional enough...we received news that my grandfather (my mom's father) had passed away. I made a quick trip to Charleston to be with my family for his funeral. I had the special honor of singing with my little brother for Pepa's funeral. I enjoyed singing with him so much! He's good!!!!!

 Kelly (my brother) and his little girl, Sage.

 Taylor sporting aunt Cindy's iPad.

Camryn - this girl is a character!

My sister, Becky.

Me and my mom, all healed and new and perfect!

My precious sister-in-law, Carissa, and Kelly.... and somehow I don't have a pic of their son, Hunter, from this trip:(

I returned home to these funny beauties...

And a school project....the globe by way of paper mache

During this entire month I was expecting DAILY (second by second) to receive news from IBESR. Sometimes I just had to do something whimsical/spontaneous just to shake the stress off. On this day, I bought Halloween costumes really early....Introducing my African Chicken and Chinese Dragon....

Some sweet, new friends Justin and Michelle and Gabi Graves invited us to join them for the Jungle Book Play in downtown San Antonio's Magik Theatre. It was AWESOME!

And just that fast, September arrived....


The Reeds said...

Congratulations on the job! If you ever need to get out of town come down to Lubbock! I doubt you'd be free on Sunday but our church pretty much rocks... Just sayin'! It would be a great escape!

And the school uniform is too cute! Way to go Libby!

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