Thursday, August 05, 2010

Your Little Girl

Stories and pictures from my recent trip to Haiti will be posted soon. Just can't seem to find the time to collect the right words to describe it all to you. Need more time to process. In the meantime.... I have been trying to write a song to Libby's unknown biological mother (in China) for some years now. At one point I thought I had it done, but a few months back I decided it just wasn't working and I needed to shift gears with it... make it more a story-telling, folky kind of song. On the flight(s) to Haiti it finally all came together (nothing like a little (a lot) of alone time to get the thoughts out on paper). My dream is to one day have a CD that is all adoption songs and lullaby's I've written for my girls. This one is my favorite so far. Hope you enjoy it too - for now,  just the lyrics.... one day, the complete thing.

Your Little Girl

I have a message to send across the sea
For a woman I will never meet
The baby girl left wrapped beneath the stars
She wears your eyes
She's won my heart

I have a song to sing over your heart
For I know you wonder from afar
About the girl who couldn't with you stay
She shares your smile
She lights my day

If you could see what I see
Here, on the other side of the world
You would see the grace of God
In the face of your little girl

She has a prayer she speaks over your soul
Asking Jesus to go and make you whole
She prays knowing He hears and has a plan
She has your voice
She holds my hand

Love set free
My Liberty
Your sorrow not in vain
Let joy abound
May Love astound
You all your days

She has a future that we do not yet know
She may get married, have children of her own
This love story will never know an end
This message out
To you I send.

words/music: Cindy Foote
(c) 2010 Poetic Present Songs


The Reeds said...

That's beautiful. I can't wait to hear the final version some day. Thanks for sharing it.

Jen Wells said...

I love the song and teared up thinking about Libby and her little bag. I love your family - no one else in the world has been used more by God to stir my soul to adoption. Praying all your beautiful girls are home soon.

carissa said...

brought tears to my eyes. so beyond beautiful. i can't wait for this cd one day.

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