Saturday, September 11, 2010

School Begins and Grandparents Visit

Homeschool has begun at the Foote house. Libby had her first Classical Conversations class on August 24. Its a three hour class with other kids her age that meets once a week. During the class the kids are introduced to the next week's memory work. Its pretty intense for a four year old, but she hung in there great. I attend the class with her to assist the tutor and learn what Libby is learning. Seriously - I know things now that I never dreamed of learning on my own. The first history fact for Libby to memorize was "In 800AD, during the medieval period, Pope Leo III, crowned Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor of Europe." That's not a  short sentence for a 4 year old! But she knows it and I know it now, too! Ask Libby what are the seven biomes and she'll tell you. Crazy, huh?

The homeschooling at home is going well. But it is really showing me my lack of patience and other less than desirable traits. God is doing a good work in me in the process of my teaching Libby. Libby loves learning and listening to stories. She's starting to read some three letter words with short vowel sounds and she gets really excited when she reads one and sees me getting excited. She loves knowing mommy is proud of her. And I am! The last two days, in particular, Libby has been making some great decisions and strides to stop whining, begging and complaining. Love seeing the progress! 

Libby dressed and ready for first CC class - Aug. 24, 2010
After Libby's first CC class, we were excited to head to the airport to pick up my parents aka Gigi and Papa Graham. Mom and Dad were excited to be here and we had lots of plans to have some fun during their week and a half stay. Their first full day here we visited the Institute of Texan Cultures. Some other stops during their stay included Sea World, the neighborhood pool, the Tower of the Americas, and the SA zoo. Dad (Papa) was able to go with Billy and Libby to the Natural Bridge Caverns. Most of the time we hung out at the house and just did life together. Between mom's need for rest and Gracie's nap schedule and Libby's homeschool there wasn't much time/ability for big adventures.

Gracie fell in love with Papa and Gigi. During their stay her number of words increased in a major way. Everyday she was saying new words. (she particularly loves to say, "no, no noooooooooo" in a high sweet voice if she doesn't want something to happen - say, a diaper change for instance. A week after Papa and Gigi's departure she is still pointing to the bed they slept in and saying "Gigi's". She says "Papa" and "Gigi" several times a day. They made a real impact on her. Both the girls, of course, loved all the extra attention! (and I didn't mind the girls having other people to hold them :) 

Here are a few pictures of the fun we had together...

Girls and me at Shamu Show.
Love seeing them love one another.
At Sea World to celebrate Papa's 61st. birthday!
Daddy and his girls  - one is particulary squirmy
Papa's Birthday Cake!!
Gracie's Big Cheesey Grin
Papa plays with Gracie. 
Libby, Gracie and that cheesey smile again
Great picture of mom (Gigi) and the girls
Libby looking at butterflies at the zoo

Look at that sly grin. I wonder what she was up to at that moment.
pure joy
and sweetness
all the ladies
Libby and Gigi
Outside of Tower of the Americas there are some beautiful water fountains!
Libby and Papa and Natural Bridge Caverns
My Parents and me.

After Papa and Gigi's visit we celebrated Libby's Gotcha Day. I can't believe its been 4 years since we first held her. We went to the riverwalk for ice cream and a river boat ride. Then we headed to the Tejas Rodeo that evening per Libby's request. That was really fun!

Libby's Gotcha Day  - 4th anniversary - Sept 4, 2010
So glad you're mine, sweetheart!
Eating ice cream with her proud daddy.
I love ice cream too!!! And I'm really stinkin' cute!
visiting horses at the rodeo
The Golly Sisters Go West in a Wagon
Then it was time for Gracie to have her first Mom's Day Out experience. She was so cute with her backpack that morning. She just walked in as if she's been doing this for years while all the other kids were screaming for their parents. 

That morning was a weird morning as a tropical storm was stirring over us... a storm I had know idea was coming. I guess I don't watch the weather channel enough. It was a complete surprise to me and what a storm it was!!! Crazy down pour and wind. All the streets were flooded and I had about a million errands to run! Libby's CC class was canceled so we just enjoyed the adventure of getting out of the car without an umbrella and walking through "rivers" to get into each store. Libby thought it was great.
Gracie's first day for Mom's Day Out - Ready to go!
My sweet girls.
A Keemberlie update: We heard from the Pastor in Haiti that he had been searching for Keemberlie's biological mother for 2 months because he thought he would need her signature on a relinquishment paper. So we all prayed for a week and then heard the good news that Keemberlie's grandmother will be able to sign the relinquishment papers since she was the one in custody of Keemberlie prior to Keemberlie moving to HCRM. That was great news and I think our paperwork can move on to IBESR now. So now, we pray for favor over our paperwork with the Haitian offices and we ask for speed. We are asking the Lord to bring Keemberlie home before the one year anniversary of the earthquake - or better yet - before Christmas! If you feel led, please join us in prayer for this!

Last update and I'll stop rambling facts about my family life. Before my last trip to Haiti I had a cough that made me lose my voice. In Haiti I know I strained it because I kept trying to talk even when my voice was no more than a forced whisper. But....5 weeks after my return from Haiti I still don't have my full voice back and that kind of healing time is unusual. I expected it to take 2 weeks at the most. I have a talking voice, but not the rest of my range. Don't have any singing to do for a while, but still need prayer for its healing so I'm ready when the time comes. May try to see a dr. soon to make sure nothing else is going on. Anyway - just wanted to mention that need for prayer.

That's all folks!


The Reeds said...

Looks like you guys made some beautiful memories!! I'm sorry about your voice. We'll pray for your full recovery.

Unknown said...

hi i like the blog very much.

CDJ said...

will continue to lift you up...thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos. Huge fun:)

KK said...

Precious pictures. So excited for you and your family!

Love and prayers,


Debi said...

Very cool pictures. Such precious memories being made with Grandma and Grandpa.
The wonderful Forrest family with kids age 2, 4 and 5 have just posted on their about some things they just love in their home school set up. Their heart and goals seem to be much like yours with the classical education and God at the center. Their blog is
Love and hugs and prayers,

carissa said...

life is so full! with homeschooling and all i'm not sure how you find enough hours in the day for everything! i'm impressed! libs and gracie are so beautiful and i love all the pics from papa and gigi's visit. we saw your dad's pics and enjoyed them, too! love you!!!

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