Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bye Bye Twenty Ten.

Well, it just made sense to spend our last day of 2010 with the cute, new Haitians on the block - the Allen Family! The Allens have three precious Haitian kids here on student visa that they are loving. One is Keemberlie's best friend. Included in the Allen bunch are Mark and Whitney (such dear friends) and their two beautiful bio-kids Kalynn and Micah. The Allen family treated us to some seriously thick and delicious grilled burgers and such. We had a blast just enjoying their company and looking towards the hope that 2011 brings for Keemberlie.

Libby was beside herself with all the swords, play-guns, toy cars, and attention. 3 boys and her big-sister's best friend all ready to play with her! What! It was almost too much...almost. It was a chilly night so we had Gracie's cuteness all bundled up. Here are a few pics of the kids as we rang in the new year.
Give us whatcha got twenty eleven!

the cutest bundle of warmth

can't wait for Keemberlie to see this pic

nothin' but joy

star wars smiles

The Smug Look... Isn't he so handsome!

she couldn't scare a fly

happy to be sisters


darth vader in purple wields her terrible green light saber.

gettin' kinda sleepy

chocolate rapunzle, hee hee!

the best smiles

star wars meets bible man!


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