Saturday, March 12, 2011


Looking cute and stopping to pose before church one Sunday morning.

I'll hold you.
A big chair to fill! Boerne, TX

The coolest sisters on the block (or at the SA zoo, I should say)

Sassy Gracie Enjoying Sea World

Bay to Fun was truly fun!

Sleep the sleep of the righteous, baby girls.

Josie, your sisters are waiting for you. They ask about you everyday. Gracie told me a few mornings ago in her sweet toddler voice, "Mommy, I sad. Pray Keemie home". So we prayed. And we all keep praying. We've been in IBESR for about 6 weeks. Hoping to hear good news soon.


Molly said...

Precious girls! Praying praying praying for the third one to come home soon!

melifaif said...

They are so precious...sweet baby girls. I hope their sister comes home. And soon!!!

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