Friday, July 13, 2012

May and June in a Nutshell

May was.....
Billy's first song-writers retreat for Trinity Fellowship (success!!)

Mother's Day with 2 beauties! (and MD #3 without Sunny)

a new puppy (a.k.a. Henna.....or "i'm cute but i like to poop in your house")
a visit from Katie "Chicken"

new love numero uno

new love numero dos (tee hee!) 

May was finishing homeschool early to make a trip back to SA to see some dear old friends like the Martines (and to meet cutie pie Zebene too!)

and Chinese sisters

and hugs with Lily

and Sea World, of course!

and fun in the sun

with other adoptive mommies who get the long journey of adoption deeply

and curly locks made long when wet

and fellowship that goes waaaaaaaay back

and best friends

and friends that remind us of Sunny

and friends who have fought the last 2.5 years with us
 June was........

 new friends in our new house for summer nights

and puppy play time

And Gracie's 3rd Gotcha Day (CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS BEEN 3 YEARS!)

and smiles that change you forever

and sisterhood that only God can put together... on a side patio that's divine

June was ice cream cake to celebrate one of our happiest days

and camp with the band kids

and all the colors God made:)

and the realization that our time on the road for the last 12 years has come to an end with our last camp together with our band....

and saying goodbye to the most genuine, loyal, special band ever

and our last morning after a night of tears 

and a quiet exit of a leadership few can compare

and a drive back to the new that is ahead as the 6th month of our new life in Amarillo rings in

And Father's day with the best Dad and his girls 

and new buddies that make us smile

and special alone time with my chocolate baby cake while Libby's at camp

And fullness beyond what can be imagined mixed with longing that reminds us of victories to come....


Jenn said...

Beautiful pictures!! Soon your sweet Sunny girl will be HOME!! Yippeee!!

Hugs to you friend!

Sally said...

I have been following your blog before your 2nd adoption and have admired your faith. I am so so excited for you to hear that you will be a family of 5 soon as you bring Sunny home. Your news made MY day today.
from a fellow new adoptive mother.

Sally said...

Your news made MY day so happy that Sunny will be joining your family really really soon. I have been following your blog since your first adoption and have enjoyed reading about your faith and how you just hung in there and believed!
a new fellow adoptive mother

melifaif said...

BEAUTIFUL life. There is no better way. Continued blessings...

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