Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Made it To Haiti

My family dropped me off at airport yesterday afternoon. Billy said as they drove away Libby was staring out the window wiping away silent tears. She was trying to be so strong and brave for is. Im so proud of her, Gracie and Billy for walking this tough adventure with me.

I made it to Haiti yesterday on 2 hours of sleep. Sunny was reserved when I first saw her and I felt overwhelmed. But today, after a little rest, I feel better and I know Sunny will open up more each day.I am mostly overwhelmed at the reality of trying to communicate with impossible it feels right now. My friend, Elissa, explains it's like having a Christmas gift you can't open. I realize this will get a little easier once she is settled at home. She did agree that she is a little scared. I can only imagine all that is going on in her mind. She is glowing with happiness, though- lots of uncontainable, big smiles.
As we fell asleep last night she played with my hair. She slept right up next to me all night and I woke up with her holding my arm in her sleep. So sweet.
My luggage still has not arrived. I would have much more to do with her if it got here. I am waiting at the airport now. Had to get up at 4:30am and be ready by 5:30am to take kids to school and get to airport before traffic starts piling up.
Sunny is growing but still tiny. I think she may be a few inches shorter than Libby with a smaller build but bigger feet:)

That's all for now. Internet is not available where I'm staying so not sure when I'll have another chance to get online.

Oh- visa appointment is tomorrow. Please pray.

Pardon typos-- typing with one finger on iPhone.


melifaif said...

I was praying so hard for you and your family last night, as I felt really compelled. Now I see why...thoughts and many prayers going up in Sunny's name!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you in NM.

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about you and your family today. Hope you made it home safe if you were able to travel home. Praying for you and Sunny as she begins her next journey in life which God has planned for her.

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