Sunday, February 20, 2011

January 2011 in High Speed

In a nutshell - This was January 2011: 
 1. Enjoying all the Christmas gifts (especially the costumes)
2. Four cities in 10 days leading worship - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Corpus Christi
3. Celebrating Gracie's 2nd birthday (multiple times) - and what a precious little girl she is. I simply cannot imagine my life without her. I learn from her everyday how to be full of love and joy.
4. Homeschooling: Libby started her Kindergarten curriculum including the first field trip of the year - a trip to the zoo with our friends Elissa and Lily. Also had a playdate with Maliah but since Libby and Maliah mostly played in their underwear and socks I cannot post pics - hee hee!
5. One year anniversary of Haiti's earthquake. We hosted a gathering of all the families adopting from HCRM on that night for prayer/worship
6. The start of my CD project - inspired by our adoption journeys
7. Finally received the long-awaited confirmation number from IBESR for our adoption of Keemberlie - which simply means our papers are now officially in the social services office in Haiti with still a good ways to go.
7. Canceled trip to Haiti - but did end up going in Feb. so be looking for that post to come soon!
And here is January in Photos:

On Gracie's actual birthday we were in Corpus and she was sick. But we did have  a little gift for her and had some chocolate cake at Chili's!

So fun watching their relationship grow. They play so well together!

The outfit Grammy Foote gave Gracie for her 2nd. birthday. Lots of glitter for the glam-girl!


carissa said...

look at that cute outfit! gracie is a doll.

and look at miss studious herself - libby! happy kindergarten to her!

love you and miss you guys!

Unknown said...


Phil and I are considering homeschooling our oldest son for Kindergarten. Do you have any questions we should be asking to test our hearts if this is right for our family. What made you and Billy decide to go this direction? Would love to hear from you and would appreciate it!

Meghan Auxier

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