Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vineyard Restaurant, Asian Festival, Lady Antebellum, Rodeo, Family, Friends, Super Bowl, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cupcakes, Chocolate Cake again....

What do all those things have in common - MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND included them all!
We started my birthday weekend with a double date night out with Mark and Whitney Allen. Billy and I met the Allens for dinner at the romantic Vineyards Restaurant and had an incredible meal followed by some great conversation at Starbucks. It was a fabulous evening! Thank you, Mark and Whitney.

The next morning our family bundled up, packed a picnic and headed to the Asian Festival. I've always wanted to take Libby and this year it fell on my actual birthday -the 5th. While it was a bit unorganized getting started, it ended up being a fun experience.

Billy took the girls home from there and I met up with my sweet friend Elissa for a Lady Antebellum concert at the Rodeo! YES! LOVED it! So much fun!!!! Wish I had pics of this, but I didn't even think about it while I was there - stink! Had so much fun, Elissa. Thank you!

Came home to my sweet family who surprised me with a huge balloon, decorations and cake.  A bit later our dear friends, the Singletary's, came over with an amazing lasagna dinner, salad and cupcakes.  We ate some serious calories and enjoyed every minute of it!  Thank you, Singletary's!!

The next day, Sunday the 6th., we enjoyed church at Hillside Fellowship (our new church home:)) and followed up with Super Bowl fun at the Harrell's house where a Football FEAST was placed before us. We ate up some finger-lickin' good food and enjoyed more great conversation. Did I mention the home-made, beautifully designed birthday cake? It had chocolate chips inside the cake.... yum!!! btw - how did I not get a picture of Elissa in all of this??? We need to remedy that soon!

I don't think I've ever had such a full and blessed birthday in my adult life. It was AWESOME! To top it off I received gifts from my in-laws and my family in SC and some sweet cards. Feelin' the love!! Thank you, my precious friends and family, for making my 36th birthday extra extra special!


Elissa said...

It was a pleasure to celebrate with you!! And trust me-- it's far better to have pics of my kid and food than of me on your blog ;)

Can't wait to have two more kids blowing their germs all over your 37th birthday cake! ;)

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