Thursday, March 08, 2012

November 2011

November 2011 can be best described and remembered by the long roll of pictures that follows. November was: parties; more soccer; imagination; costumes for playtime; Libby's new found love for shooting at the range; Libby's big 6th birthday party; a super-fun trip to Longview for birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities with family; and the approaching 8th birthday of Sunny which deserved the making of a care package (wrapped with tears flowing). Onward scroll!

a pintrest wreath. 1000 balloons pinned to a wreath:)
Libby and Maliah's 6th birthday party

Super Girls

Indian Costume for school Thanksgiving Lunch

Shooter Libby

Time to play with cousin Brooke!

The Birthday Kids

Aunt Wendy gets some sweet love from Gracie
Sweet Grammy

Love this one!

Time for Christmas Lights

Kindness in his eyes.

Uncle Robbie and Flirty Gracie

Girls with Great-Nini for last time before she passed away in January 2012

stop. growing. up. pretty. girl.

package for Sunny's 8th birthday:) and :(

This is such a cute picture!!!

And December's coming soon.


Elissa said...

Sniff, sniff! Those pics made me cry! Oh how we miss you guys.... :(

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