Friday, March 02, 2012

YES! Progress feels SO GOOD!

Today we discovered our adoption papers moved out of the Foreign Affairs office and into Archives. This is fabulous news. Archives takes 1-2 weeks. Then we go straight to MOI (Ministry of Interior). I've seen families get out of MOI in as little as 2 weeks, others as long as 8-12 weeks (or longer, but I'm not going there). MOI gives Immigration permission to print Sunny's passport. Not sure how long printing of passport takes. Then all our papers go to Embassy and we'll wait for approval from Embassy. This could take 5-8 weeks. Then comes the blessed Visa Appointment and Sunny comes home. So - you see, we are getting close. How close is hard to say, but its closer today than it was yesterday and I. Am. Excited!

Celebrated the good news with a family trip to Orange Leaf and then God decided to celebrate and created snow this evening (it was 60 degrees this AM, go figure!).

AND our updated home study arrived reflecting our change of address so I get to mail that off tomorrow.

AND I figured out our fingerprints do not expire in May/June like I once thought. Billy's are good until August and mine until October. So maybe, just maybe I will never have to do fingerprints again!



Kathryn said...

Praise God! My family has been praying for yours and I know that soon there will be a great day of rejoicing!

Jenn said...

Rejoicing with you!!!!!

The Reeds said...

That's wonderful! Rejoicing with you!!!

Anonymous said...

so so happy for you and your sweet little family! Soon to get bigger!!!!

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