Saturday, June 09, 2012

April Continues with a Visit from Grammy and Papa

April....part 2 ... homeschool, art, riding bikes, and a visit from Grammy and Papa!

Grammy and Papa came to visit our new home in Amarillo for the first time! It was so good to have them here and show off our new home. About the only fascinating thing to do around here is hike the canyons so we drove out there one Friday morning. However, it was the weekend President Bush was biking with war heroes through the canyons so we didn't get to hike in far. 

Libby really opened up. She has matured so much here in Amarillo. Grammy and Papa were loving her loving on them:)
And of course, Gracie is always loving on her Grammy.

Look at that fro!

Precious grandparents with their crazy grandkids!

Family photo time

Libby does a great impression of her sweet Grammy. She ADORES Grammy!


KK said...

I love her fro! So cute! Glad to see that y'all seem to be doing well!

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