Thursday, June 07, 2012

Feb-March....I'm catching up people!

February and March of this year....we moved into our new home in Amarillo!

Girls outside our bedroom window. Gracie licks everything!

my kitchen window:)

The pics were taken before we hung anything on the walls, but you get the idea.

Hanging out in daddy's office at Trinity

eating a roast beef sandwich on the way to an event we booked before moving to Amarillo. From San Antonio it would have been a 3 hour trip. From Amarillo - 12! It was a long day of travel.

Hanging out at Orange Leaf as we celebrated our paperwork moving into the Archives office.

Right after I comb every sweet curly lock, her curls shrink up and look so cute!

Making the best out of the grocery store here as we grieve the loss of HEB.

Home school room. Need to post a more current pic. Its looking really cute now.

Water colors on the side patio.

Awesome new friends!

Same precious, old tricks!


Jenn said...

Love the update! And I love the school room pic with sweet Sunny's desk waiting for her! Send the updated pic of the room when she's sitting at it.

Hugs to you friend!


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