Friday, June 08, 2012

SC in April

Easter Morning in Amarillo, 2012:

After Easter the girls and I made a special trip to Charleston, SC. We had not visited my family there in one years time due to our move to Amarillo at Christmas time. We made a vacation out of it! We went downtown, went on a carriage ride, ate the most amazing pralines, hung out with family, threw my sister a baby shower (she's having her 3rd girl in August!), and visited the Aquarium. It was so good to be home, especially after moving to a new town and feeling so unfamiliar with people/places. There's no place like home! It was also wonderful to see my mom continuing to do so well.

dying Easter eggs

Egg hunt at Gigi's and Papa's

Kelly with his daughter, Sage

Gap kids...seriously, they could be!

Cammy! Such character!

Sagey baby and Carissa

Taylor and Libby had a blast together!

My sister and her 2....#3 in her belly:)

the Cousin birdnest


my mom and dad - doing GREAT!

gotta love downtown Charleston's gates and homes

baby shower time!

The hot and happening couple:)

hot and happening couple numero dos

family picnic day

sweetness during the prayer

My friend, Allison Singelton, made a trip down to Charleston with her family so I could hug her neck! I also had the honor of meeting my friend's, Misty, new baby girl, Ellason.

My oh-so-talented sister-in-law took these fabulous pictures of my girls in their pretty dresses at Magnolia Gardens.


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