Thursday, May 20, 2010

Water for My Field in Haiti - Part 1, Day 1

When we began our China adoption a little over 6 years ago I remember coming across the verse in Proverbs 31 about a virtuous wife knowing what field she wants and finding a way to purchase it. I thought about that verse in relation to our adoption process... we could use our money for many things, but what God had put on our hearts was a "field" in China. Since then we've received a field in Ethiopia and now we work towards our field in Haiti. Billy and I are neither the fields nor the water that makes them grow. We are just the watering hose held by the hand of God. Jesus is the living water.

Last week Libby began a journey that would both water her and allow her to become a watering hose. She and I traveled to Haiti to meet Keemberlie for the first time face to face. The week prior to travel (and really the entire month prior to travel) was full of spiritual warfare, exhaustion, paperwork for our family. A roller coaster of emotions ensued right up to travel time. We were even delayed an entire day because of one flight that got cancelled that affected the rest of our flights for the day. One day less to spend with Keemberlie.  On the bright side, Libby traveled very well. She astounded me with her maturity and energy. And we arrived safely in Haiti on Sunday, May 16.

As we drove up to the orphanage many of the orphans were gathered along the balcony's edge to watch us arrive. When we got out of the Land Cruiser I began searching above us for Keemberlie's face. When I didn't see her I started calling out, "Petite Keemberlie!" Next thing I knew she was in the parking area RUNNING to me. She jumped into my arms and Libby jumped into sister mode with just as much joy and ease. Libby stepped aside and let me embrace Keemberlie and then she joined us in the embrace. Libby even encouraged me to kiss Keemberlie. For those who know Libby, this was truly an amazing transformation. She rarely shares mommy with that much ease.

I made a "book" for Keemberlie called "I Have a Family" that included family pictures among other things. I immediately pulled it out to remind her that we are her family as there was no one to translate and I didn't know what she knew/remembered about us. She loved looking through that book. Within five minutes of embracing Keemberlie for the first time it was clear that God was among us, watering his fields with hope.


carissa said...

what a beautiful post!!! i'm so thankful for your field in haiti! the Lord has been so faithful! keemberlie is so precious and beautiful and seems so tenderhearted. i can't wait for you to bring her home. the pictures make my heart glad!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures! I love them all. Glad you got there safe and sound.

Rachel said...

I am soooo happy for you!!!

Stacie said...

So happy you finally got to hold that precious girl in your arms!!!! You inspire so many.

Christina said...

What a beautiful beginning! I hope the time passes very quickly as you wait for her to be home.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Awesome! What beautiful photos!!!

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