Monday, May 24, 2010

Water for My Field In Haiti - Part 6, Day 4

I woke at 5:15AM, May 19, 2010 to see Keemberlie sleeping in our room. What  a precious sight....
It didn't take long to have the girls up and ready in their matching clothes for the day. And by 6AM we were being called to breakfast where I had my last picture taken with Keemberlie before departing. 

After breakfast it was time to wrap up our packing. One of the pictures/memories that brings me to tears is the one below where Keemberlie is packing her backpack. She would no longer be able to keep it safe under our bunk. It was time for her to be on her own again. I know she is surrounded by loving faculty and over a hundred friends in her same position. I know that she probably doesn't process thoughts the way I imagine she does, but watching her stuff her new possessions in her bag I couldn't help but think about how she knew our time together was over for the time being. And with that thought I wondered - what she was thinking, did any of this make sense to her, did she wonder if she would ever see us again... and the questions/wonder go on and on in my mind. I will say, though, that it seemed Keemberlie had gone through all the sad emotions the day before. On this morning, our final morning there, she had kind of checked out from the emotion and was in and out of the room with us, often off playing with her friends. Maybe she doesn't like good-byes. Maybe she is too young to really understand. But at least she wasn't crying because if she had been I might still be in Haiti!

You can see here (above) the baby wipes that Libby and Keemberlie loved to wipe on their skin just to cool down. 
And here (left) you can see that while Keemberlie is about 1.5 inches shorter than Libby, her arms are longer than Libby's and her feet are bigger. When I told Libby that Keemberlie's feet are bigger than hers she was shocked that I would say such a thing. The only thing that soothed her competitive spirit was knowing that her (Libby's) head is bigger than Keemberlie's. Libby loves nicknames so I suggested we start calling Libby "Big Head" and she laughed and quite quickly came back with, "And we can call Keemie 'Bead-Head'" HAHA!
Below is a picture of Libby and me with Pastor and Madame. I truly enjoyed watching them rejoice in and be passionate for the children of HCRM.

With backpacks on and headed in two different directions, Libby and Keemberlie stopped for a photo.

The HCRM kids and visiting families gathered together for a group photo.

One of my favorite pictures of our last morning at HCRM  is this one of Libby and Keemberlie holding hands in their colorful shirts.
And this one (below), of course, with Moise. Libby actually didn't want Keemberlie in this photo as she wanted to take a picture with just Moise. But Keemberlie wasn't having any of that!

And... if nothing else in this story has made you cry - get the tissues out now....

Keemberlie hugs Libby good-bye.....

And the rest of the kids waved good-bye from the balcony as we drove away.

How do you tell your child good-bye???? Oh the tears I have cried!!!!! But Daddy Billy is headed to Haiti in June and, in the meantime, I am before the throne of God begging for an expedited adoption process! Jesus said to ask anything in His name and He will do it, so in the name of Jesus I am asking!

Pass us not, Oh gentle Savior
Hear our humble cries
While on other's Thou art calling
Do not pass us by


LynnieB said...

Praying for you as you wait for your beautiful girl. I understand how hard it is as we said goodbye to our son in Guatemala 3 times before bringing him home. There is no word to describe the pain.

Thank you for sharing your journey. One of these days we need to meet in person.

Cara Maddox said...

So excited to see and share with you in this journey! I think I probably cried while reading each of these posts. That sweet Keemberlie is just beautiful and looks like she fits right in with your precious family! We will be thinking and praying for each of you all in the weeks to come! Love from Louisville!

Tara said...

Thank you for sharing your story! I pray that the process goes quickly, so your sweet girl can some home soon!

Debi said...

Such precious girls! Praying and believing God with you for an expedited adoption process. May god give your hearts peace and strenght in the waiting and trusting time.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Julie said...


Allison said...

Hi Cindy--I was just catching up on your blog this morning and I have so enjoyed your posts about Haiti. That picture of Libby and Keemberlie is so touching. We are praying HARD that you can bring her home soon.

Chris said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet photos and tender honesty. As a mom I share your longing to bring your daughter home. As a fellow sister in Christ, I agree, Keemb,erlie needs to come home. Father God I too pray for an expedited adoption so that she may be rightfully home with her forever family!! In your holy and beautiful name I pray, AMEN!!

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