Friday, May 21, 2010

Water for My Field in Haiti - Part 4, Day 2

Subtitle: Day 2 in Photos
These pictures go along with the "Day 2 in Words" stories in the previous post.

Above: Keemberlie holds her new doll (left). Two precious boys at HCRM for whom we took care packages on behalf of an amazing family in Wimberly, TX. I love these sweet boys - so, so cute!

Above: Rood (pronounced Wood) is the only amputee at HCRM. He is rather famous in some adoption circles because of his amazing story. His mother lost her life covering him with her body during the earthquake. A boulder fell on his mother's head, killing her. Her head rested on his arm for two days before he was rescued and he lost that arm after rescue. He is an amazing kid. He is fluent in Creole and Spanish and is learning English quickly. I had the privilege of delivering a Spanish Bible to him on behalf of the family taking him in through a Student visa. (left).... To the right you see Keemberlie's new tennis shoes, or "tennies" as she called them. They ended up being about 2 sizes too small (her feet are bigger than Libby's) but she didn't want to take them off. She was so proud of her tennies.

Left:  Keemberlie with her I'm-so-proud-I-have-new-tennies smile. Right: Libby beads some necklaces with the HCRM kids.
Above left: Libby and Keemberlie hang out in the bunk bed just being silly. I enjoyed putting them in matching clothes every day! Above right: Moise is a young man matched to the same family as the two boys above (the Wimberly family). He was Libby's guardian during our stay. He loved Libby and watched over her at all times. They held hands and played together often. Libby was really excited to hear that he may be moving to TX! He is a sweetheart!!

Above left: The laundry room  = outside. 120 orphans clothes washed here by hand daily. Above right: the outdoor kitchen/washing area. Below: Laundry and Kitchen matters intersect.

Above: There were 2 tents outside the HCRM building. I never asked, but I think this is where some of the nannies sleep.

Above: this baby is sooooo tiny and precious. I really wanted to take him home with me!

Above: Keemberli and me.

Above: I enjoyed watching Libby learn to turn the ropes.

Below: all the items our team packed in luggage to deliver to HCRM - lots of clothes, over 30 pairs of tennis shoes, lots of flip-flops, a huge pile of school and office supplies, gifts for nannies and more!

Above: Libby enjoyed tickling Keemberli, but it really doesn't tickle when she does it so Keemberlie was for sure confused - but confused with a smile.

Above: the beach ball lasted about 2 hours before it busted, but it was sure fun while it lasted. Above right: Frantina, one of Keemberlie's best friends at HCRM, a post-quake orphan.

Above: Baby Johnny. Can you say adorable????? Love him!!


Ginny said...

I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. We arrived home about the same time. It was actually comforting to see these kids in a house with floors and walls. From what I saw in St. Marc, I didn't know that this was even a possibility there.

I know you are ready to get your girl home and even more now than before.


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