Friday, April 02, 2010

God's Timing

This week we took a short trip to Longview to lead worship at ETBU's chapel. Billy's family lives there so we decided to go for a few extra days and visit with them. Our first full day there, Billy's grandfather (his mother's father), Floyd Stark, passed away. He has not been doing well for a while, but we definitely didn't expect him to pass away this week. Plans for the week quickly changed as funeral arrangements had to be made. But what precious timing our Father had in bringing us to Longview at just the right time. Billy was able to go to the viewing and was planning on attending the grave-side memorial in Ft. Worth (where Papa Stark had purchased his burial plot) but on the way to the viewing Gracie threw up and it was obvious that she was very sick. Out of concern that I might also come down with the stomach bug Billy had to stay back in Longview with me while the rest of the family traveled to Ft. Worth to honor his grandfather. It was not the week anyone had planned, but God was in the midst of it nonetheless.

One precious thing about our time in Longview was seeing Keemberlie's pictures all over my mother-in-laws home. It was so sweet of her to make copies of the pictures I've posted on the blog and frame them all. There were pictures of her in every room in their house, seriously! It was awesome!

Also, Libby had a blast playing in open fields with her cousin, Brooke. Brooke's family recently built a new home and the yard has not been landscaped yet, so Libby and Brooke had a yard full of sand (including MOUNDS of sand in the front yard) that they played in, slid down and dug holes through. Not to mention the four-wheeler jeep that Libby drove all over the property. A kid can really let loose out in the country!

We are home safe and sound tonight on this Good Friday. At just the right time, Jesus died for us. And at just the right time He rose from the dead. There is a time for everything. A time to live. A time to die. A time to mourn. A time to dance. And when we don't know how long it will take for Jesus to fulfill a promise he has made to us, it is time to believe that Jesus is faithful and He is sufficient.

Grace be to you on this blessed Easter weekend.


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