Friday, April 02, 2010

HCRM Blessed by Rescue Haiti's Children Organization

Rescue Haiti's Children is an organization out of Boerne, TX, I believe. Doug Phillips is the president/founder and he has been in Haiti ministering to the people there, and particularly, the orphans. I've been keeping track of his ministry on facebook as much of his time there has been at Keemberlie's orphanage (HCRM) and I've been hoping that sooner or later he would post pictures that included Keemberlie. Well, today, that's exactly what happened. Rescue Haiti's Children delivered precious gift boxes/shoes/clothing to the orphans of HCRM and captured it all in pictures and video. Click here: to see the video. And see the pictures below that included Keemberlie! Keemberlie is in the red/white dress . There is one other girl in a similar dress, but Keemberlie is the smaller one of the two. She looks so precious and sweet. Just gotta get her home!


carissa said...

she is so cute! i want to cuddle her and give her a gigantic hug! she needs to be in your arms!

Debi said...

Awwee... Can't wait for your sweet girl to finally get home. She is just so precious.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Elissa said...

You prayed for pictures... :)

Thank you Lord for answering that prayer extravagantly! Now would you please answer this mama's prayers to bring this sweet girl home quickly?

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