Friday, April 02, 2010

Chunky, Cuddly Baby

This week Gracie came down with the stomach bug....ick! It really was DISGUSTING! But in the midst of her suffering and my being grossed out a special thing was taking place. We were bonding like we have never done before. At the end of each wave of nausea she would look at me with her big, brown, tender eyes and collapse into my hand with the most precious trust and dependence. I cried over her, prayed over her, slept on the floor with her, kept her close for hours upon hours.

My heart just soars at the thought of her. Just one glance at her and I am reminded of God's faithfulness. One year ago I was on pins and needles waiting for our referral phone call. We didn't know who Gracie was yet. We didn't know how sick she was then, how dependent she was on her Father to heal her, to rescue her. And one year later, she is in the 90th. percentile in her weight, happy as any baby could ever be and I am overjoyed. Who knew a year ago that she would be so perfectly healthy and we would be waiting on yet another adoption (of Keemberlie, this time) to be complete. A lot can happen in a year!

Below is a less than perfect poem for a more than perfect baby - My Chunky, Cuddly Baby Gracie

Chunky baby, Cuddly baby
Love to hold you close
Hair so sweet, 
Chubby little feet
Pure beauty head to toe

Chunky baby, Cuddly baby
Flirty, bright brown eyes
Biggest grin
Every heart you win
Can't believe you are mine

Chunky baby, Cuddly baby
Zip up pajamas
Warm and calm
Humming nighttime song
Oh how my heart gushes

Chunky baby, Cuddly baby
Don't you change and grow
Hope you stay
Chunky, cuddly babe
Tell time, "Don't fly, go slow."

(c) 2010 Poetic Present Poems


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