Sunday, March 28, 2010

Poetic Moments Galore

Much time and energy have been devoted to our journey to Keemberlie. But two other beauties occupy my day as well and every moment with them it poetic. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the last few days.
hip hop hat wearing beauties (left) and Gracie's last bottle (right). And yes - I cried.

Gracie is soooooo close to walking. She stands like this all day long but will not take steps (at least not when I'm watching).
Libby was posing for me in this shot. Our neighborhood has the best soccer field with soft, winter grass. We've enjoyed many afternoons just rolling around and playing in that field. 
This was Libby's Lemonade stand at our garage sale. She made $9.50 and is very proud of it! The garage sale was successful for us. We raised $400 to go towards our adoption of and the needs of Keemberlie.Gracie can't reach the pedals yet, but she wants so badly to ride like her sister. We cleared out the garage so they could bike in the shade...a true sign of their princess status - LOL!


Kimberly said...

Cindy, they are both so beautiful!! Love the lemonade stand. My girls use to do that when they were younger!

Debi said...

Great pictures and adorable girls. They are growing up too fast!!
Hugs and prayers,

carissa said...

look at those beautiful gals (their mama included)! gracie looks so cute on that bike! oooh, and i love the pic of libby lying in the grass... it makes me want to go find a big comfy grassy field to roll in! but i guess i shouldn't... i mean, i'm 24 and 8 mos pregnant. hunter is the same way with walking and standing. he has taken 3 steps before but hasn't done anything since. we're about to give up the bottles too. but, he is still on toddler formula (he's had some issues with milk) and it's just way easier to mix and measure it in the bottle! i so will cry too. : ( so glad the garage sale went well! i wish i could've bought some lemonade from libs!

Marti Pieper said...

Love the "last bottle" picture. Your girls will have such a treasure trove of memories because you took the time to make and record them.

Blessings always!

Lisa Smith said...

I'm not sure how I ended up here but have paged through the internet to read your story. Your journey to motherhood has me in tears. I just love how God has taken your heart for the nations and used it to bring your family home!

You have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart! About twenty years ago, when I was in youth ministry, I knew Billy and Neil McClendon. I have followed and (still) love your music and am so happy to see your girls!

I will be praying that God would bring Kimmie home to you soon. Please tell Billy I said hi.


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