Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better Today!

Dr. Leininger asked the missionary couple with him in Haiti to respond to my request to know more about K and they wrote me back today!!!! Here are a few of the things Tracey shared with me:

K  is a very happy little girl who is always smiling.... She is very petite and simply adorable.  She has a tiny, quiet voice although she loves to sing. She also says that she likes dolls, however since my time here, I have yet to see any of the children with dolls. Perhaps in her short past, she may have had the experience elsewhere.

I have truly enjoyed holding her in my arms and sharing with her that she is loved and will someday soon have a mommy and daddy that love her.  Thank you for the chance to know you all and to be a part of your lives and the life of your little girl.

In His Service,
Tracey Herrera

Katie... can you buy a doll in Miami and take it to her!!!???? The girl needs a doll!!!!!!: 

What a day!


Katie said...

Of course! :D

carissa said...

she loves to sing?!!!!! presh. love love love it. she definitely needs a doll asap! i love her already.

Jenn said...

Oh...I love it!!!


Elissa said...

something tells me this little girl is going to have plenty of dolls to play with when she gets home!! I am just dying to hear her tiny voice...! I love her, oh how I love her already!!

April said...

What a miracle!! God is so good. I can't wait to hear how she receives her care package.

When we were adopting our daughter my constant prayer was that God would prepare our daughter's young heart for the life change she was about to experience. It's funny how God let's us know the needs of our children by prompting us to pray in a certain way. When my heart ached during the 11 month wait to bring home Prim (Grace), God asked me not to pray for my desires, but for my daughter's heart and I am so thankful.

Thanks for sharing!

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