Friday, March 26, 2010

A Few Details

1. The picture of Keemberlie with her best friend... We found out today that her best friend's name is: Frantina Pierre. She is a post-earthquake orphan and so she is not matched to a family yet. We will have to keep up with what God has in store for her.

2. In the video, Frantina is wearing the same outfit that Keemberlie wore in the picture featured in the SA paper.

3. No one knows what this means, but is seems that Haiti has begun processing some adoptions...not sure to what extent, but things are moving along in Haiti faster than what anyone had imagined after the earthquake in regards to getting things going...but that does not mean its any faster for us. No one knows how this could change the process we are going through to get Keemberlie home. I am still praying for the Hope Act to pass because, in my mind, that would get her here faster and we could finish her adoption here. But if adoptions are fully being processed then we will have to do the adoption while Keemberlie waits in Haiti. Before the earthquake some adoptions were taking YEARS. And that makes my heart sink. Keemberlie can't wait years. She's 6. I am so burdened for her need to come home. Makes me cry. Please pray that God will move and make a way for her to come home as soon as possible. On the other hand, adoptions becoming open in Haiti is a GREAT thing. It means more orphans will be given the chance to have families. That is wonderful news!

4. The lime green blanket given to Keemberlie in the video was made, originally, by Mrs. Billie Gill for our trip to China to get Libby. The blanket traveled with us to China to keep Libby warm. Then it traveled with us to Ethiopia for Gracie and now it is in Haiti with Keemie. I love the way she takes hold of it and puts it to her nose to take a sniff, and then she smiles. Love that!

5. Katie was also able to find out for us that Keemberlie was living with her grandma when HCRM found her. The grandmother was sick and dying so she gave Keemberlie to HCRM. I don't have any information on her actual parents. Just that the grandmother had custody of her and was unable to care for her any longer. So Keemberlie has only been an orphan since the summer of 2009.


melifaif said...

Oh, my heart just melts seeing her sweet, bright, promising face!!!! I am praying. So hard. For so many of those children. I love the way Keemberlie is clutching her baby doll. Just as you will to her soon. Thank you for sharing the story of the green blanket. Simply amazing.

Sarah Ann said...

I love reading your blog. It is such an inspiring story... I am following your process and can't wait to hear more.
We are praying for you, as well!!

Hilary Surratt said...

SO excited about all the news that you have about Keemberlie! What a sweetie she is and I know she is so excited about you guys being her family already! Praying that everything goes very fast & smooth! :)

carissa said...

i want her to be in your arms now!!!! may the Lord move quickly! i love her so much already! the blanket story makes my heart glad... how meaningful.

carissa said...

on a side note, totally unrelated to the post and somewhat shallow: i feel honored to have my blog button on your blog! : ) thank you!

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