Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mattresses for Orphans In Haiti - YOU CAN HELP! (online donations accepted!)

Hello All, It came to my attention that the orphanage (HCRM) in Haiti could use mattresses. So I've done a little research and heard back from Dr. Leininger today. Here's what he said: "It is much more cost effective to purchase mattresses in Haiti. The twin mattress's I purchased on this trip cost $81.00 US. HCRM needs about eight or ten more. A thin (3" thich mat, which most kids are sleeping on now, as there is no bedroom space available, runs $50.00 US. HCRM needs probably thirty of these. Anyone wanting to donate to this should send it to Harvest International and label it HCRM mattresses." You can do this via snail mail (the address is at bottom of post) OR for faster/more efficient way to donate click here: http://www.harvestinternational.org/donations.html
JUST MAKE SURE TO WRITE: HCRM MATTRESSES in the "description" line!!!! (Harvest International is a 501 c3 so it is a tax deductible donation.)

ALSO!!!!! I would also like to ask that anyone who makes a donation would email me at: info@billyfoote.com and let me know you made a donation and what amount so that I know when our goal has been met AND I can keep Hope For Orphans in the loop. If you cannot financially donate, you can still help by getting the word of this need out whether facebook, blogs, network of friends, church, etc. The orphans at HCRM have been sleeping outside for over 2 months now and they are sleeping on rocks, broken tables, etc. The mattresses will be a huge blessing to them!

GOAL: 10 mattresses at $81 each ($810) PLUS
30 mattresses at $50 each ($1500) .... 
Total costs: $2310 - WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

Harvest International 
PO Box 6690 
Ocala, FL 34478

Thank you! Cindy Foote


carissa said...

oh cindy! i know the Lord will provide. this is such a great way to improve their conditions. i need to email you.. i want to feature you on my blog... if you're willing. : )

Jennifer Wells said...

we just donated $50 towards the mattresses. love you guys and praying for your sweet K!

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