Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Pictures of Keemberlie!

Rosanna, a RN from San Antonio, was in Haiti working at HCRM when Katie dropped in to meet Keemberlie. Rosanna later found me on FB and told me she was headed back to SA and had many pictures of Keemberlie! I was so excited, but I have a swamped schedule through Easter so I had no time to meet with her. Tonight, I was very happy to find that Rosanna had posted the pictures on her fb page and tagged me to them. Keemberlie is so beautiful and seems to happy in these photos. Thank you, Rosanna, for sharing these priceless photos with us!

In this picture Keemberlie is holding a coloring book page that she colored for us. Rosanna brought it back to SA and when I can meet with her she has it for me!
Keemberlie with Rosanna
Keemberlie and JamesonLooks like they're having fun!
Keemberlie with her best friend and a cute little boy.
Love the cute dress she is wearing in this oneI LOVE this picture of Keemberlie in her cute little sundress. And below is a picture of a boy named Rood. His story is amazing. He is the only amputee at HCRM. He lost his arm when his mother covered him with her body during the earthquake. She was killed protecting him and he was buried in the rubble with her laying on his arm for 2 days. His arm had to be amputated, but he lived and he is an amazing boy with a huge testimony. We actually know the family here in San Antonio that is matched to him if he is able to get a medical visa! Pray for Rood!


Kimberly said...

She looks like a happy child!! great little smile! Love the Easter bunny picture!!!

Debi said...

What an amazing transformation already in Keemberlie! She does look so happy and has the expression of a loved child. Can't wait till you get her home.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Rochelle said...

Hi Cindy,
Check out the tv coverage we received yesterday by following the attached link below. We are wanting our voices to be heard on behalf of all of our children waiting helplessly for hope! Keep believing! Gaelle and Keemberlie, along with many other orphans, will be home very soon and no longer will be welcomed into their forever families! I'm watching Him part the waters and it won't be long now!!

Elissa said...

WOW!! Three cheers for Rosanna!! God is answering so many prayers-- bringing you pictures...and then more pictures, keeping His sweet girl not just safe, but filled with His joy until He gets her home, who knows what else He has up His sleeve?? :)

Rochelle said...

Sorry for the typo...I meant they WILL be welcomed in our forever families:)
Also, the link for our news coverage supporting humanitarian parole was changed. Here is the new link:

Cindy Foote said...


I received your phone call. Planning to call you back soon. We're out of town with family. Billy's grandfather passed away. So I haven't had a chance to call you back...probably Friday.

carissa said...

i don't know how in the world i missed this. kelly asked me if i had seen the new pics and i said, "what new pics?!" she is absolutely beautiful, cindy. so stunning. my heart melts when i see her. we'll definitely be praying for rood. he is handsome. can't wait for you to receive the picture she colored for you - what a treasure that will be!

btw, just so you know... if my water breaks we'll call you asap (unless it's in the middle of the night, and if that was the case we'd call you 1st thing in the am). you wouldn't find out from my blog. you are the auntie!!! : )

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