Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pimples AND Wrinkles? Where's the Poetry in THAT?

A good look at myself in the mirror reveals a host of pimples amidst a growing number of wrinkles. "What in the world," I think expressively to myself.  I'm 35, hanging on to some memory of youth and longing for the wisdom of age - you know, the "beauty within".  In the background I hear the loves of my life bouncing around looking for mommy and fun...not always found together. Liberty Song ("Libby") is four, adopted from China at 9 months of age. Aria-Lu Grace ("Gracie") is 13 months, adopted from Ethiopia at 4 1/2 months. Freedom and Grace...they are every bit their given names.
I wash my confused skin and find my makeup bag...Time to cover up the blemishes, soften the lines. In the fleshy moments like this, I am sure glad my husband REALLY loves me. I'm not easy on the eyes this morning. Coming out of my thoughts I see Freedom and Grace staring at me. Mom has been is still hiding.  I mention to Freedom that I don't know why my face is so broken out...not that she cares, she is only 4. And she says back to me, "maybe it is snot coming out all over your face." Imagery delete please! And now, fun has come out of hiding. A day of laughter in the midst of routine has dawned. Life with Freedom and Grace = NEVER A DULL MOMENT!
I'm no poet, but I find myself in poetic moments everyday. Moments that I don't want to forget and can only wish I had the words to express. I've decided (this is my beauty within talking now) that I want to be the woman/wife/mom that smiles at the future - carefree, hopeful, expectant, joyful. Seems to me, the only way to be that woman is to live fully in the present, discovering the poetry of the now. And maybe, just maybe if I live in the poetic present with a smile at the future, one day in the future I will look upon my poetic past and smile with no regrets. And maybe in the future I will not have pimples...they do go away at some point...right?

A Pimple and Wrinkle In Rhyme
Pimples I find, More wrinkles are mine
Now what am I going to do?
Stamp my foot, shuffle my skirt
And say a curse word or two?
No, not this time. I found a new rhyme
New rhythm comes in to take over
Freedom speaks, Grace takes a seat
And laughter my bad mood does cover.
(by: me, March 6, 2010)


Rebecca Emerson said...

I love it, Cindy. It's as beautiful as you are--pimples, wrinkles and all!

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