Wednesday, March 17, 2010

God is SO GOOD!!

The money needed in order to give 40 mattresses to HCRM (an orphanage in Haiti - and where "K" currently resides) is now accounted for!!!!!! In less the 24 hours God put it on all of your hearts to give and spread the word and it is DONE! Harvest International has received most of your donations through online giving and I know of 2 donations coming by way of snail mail. So, hopefully Harvest International can move quickly to buy the mattresses in Haiti and deliver them to HCRM. I will ask for a picture or two if possible so you can see for yourself their sweet blessed faces!

I believe we may have even exceeded the goal amount of $2310. I am hoping the extra funds will go towards other needs of the orphans there at HCRM like blankets, shoes, underclothing and peanut butter (for protein for kids). I will let you know when I receive a confirmation on that.

This had been an exciting 18 hours or so! Thank you for giving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God bless each and every one of you. We pray you know that He will finish the work He has begun. May His favor rest on you. May His peace fill you.



carissa said...

amazing! God is a great God of provision!!!

Alli said...

Still rejoicing!

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