Monday, March 15, 2010


Without being able to share details, I just want to say this... I came in contact with the rest of the families in our "boat" waiting for the Hope Act to pass so they can bring HCRM orphans into their homes. Several of the families are LARGE families....most of the families, it seems, are strong believers, most home school, and the kids currently in those families are both biological AND from all over the world. To top that off -  they include children with a wide range of special needs and many of those families are matched to a sibling group (or MORE!). I am humbled...really, really humbled tonight by these families. God is doing amazing, miraculous things among these large but quiet, humble families. There has to be a lot of "mundane" in their lives...lots of laundry, lots of cooking, lots of the same routines over and over again, lots of things not-so-fascinating...but there in that mundane rhythm are lives lived so gloriously there are no words to express. They are on the real adventure.

I have no other way to say it but this....its like I met Jesus all over again by "meeting" these families.



Amy Prikazsky said...

So amazing! Our community group prayed specifically last night that the Hope Act would get passed....We are praying....Hang in there friend! Have a great Tuesday!

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