Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keemberlie Julien With Her Best Friend

Today I received 2 more pictures of Keemberlie. She is with her best friend. We are not sure of her friend's name. It is either Francis, Francie or Francine... I am hoping she is being adopted by a family close by so Keemberlie can keep in touch with her. Wouldn't that be glorious!?

I've also viewed some SWEET video clips of Keemberlie. After watching them and reading some of your blog comments about her name, I am considering keeping her name just as it is. I'm even thinking of keeping the pronunciation the same with the "lie" being the stressed syllable. It just sounds so pretty on the video. They also call her "Keember" (with the stressed syllable being "ber"- which sounds like "bear") which is so cute! Libby puts "bear" after all our names. She calls me "mommy-bear" and Billy is "daddy-bear" and Gracie is "Lulu bear" so Keem-bear will fit right in! When I can get the video in a small enough format to share, I will do so. Until - here are the 2 new photos.

My heart doth swell!  Oh, And I wonder if "Francis" is also the girl laying behind Keemberlie in the picture featured in the SA newspaper. Hmmmm.


carissa said...

i love every bit of her already!!!! what sweet glimpses into this sweet lil' gal!

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Such sweet pictures! :)

melifaif said...

Oh, she is just gorgeous and beaming!!!!! Such hope. I am truly happy for your family. And especially for Miss Keemberlie...

Kimberly said...

Oh that would be nice if she could still see her best friend. I would keep her name. Keemberlie....its beautiful!

Rochelle said...

The pics and video footage is so precious!! I will be going to Haiti to meet my little girl, Gaelle, on April 19th. I wanted to share with you a solution our group of families (15 families in Texas)feels has great possibility to allow for a 3rd category in the humanitarian parole effort. We know the possibility of allowing ALL pre-quake orphans is not a probable possibility. That would open the flood gates and Haiti's government is not likely to agree to this.
However, now that Haiti has re-opened adoption processing, this give us a boundary line to offer. Here is what we are pleading to become the new category 3 group of orphans:

All pre-quake orphans who are in the adoption process and were matched with their adoptive families AFTER the earthquake but BEFORE Haiti re-opened adoption processing.

I have called Pete Hoekstra's office, Hillary Clinton's office, and my congresswoman, Kay Granger to voice this solution in hopes the DHS will immediately expand humanitarian parole for our kids who fall within these boundaries. I also wrote to Secretary Janet Napolitano sharing this solution and asking her to act on this expansion so we won't even have to wait for the HOPE Act legislation to pass. The HOPE Act is a backup plan in the event the DHS fails to act.

Keep believing!! Our Father hears our prayers and has good things in store for those who love Him!!

I love how His church is rising up in service and being the voice for the orphans! Blessings to you all!!

~Rochelle McKinley
are pleading to our state officials for.

Cristie said...

Does Francis need two sisters and one brother .. and to live CLOSE to her best friend. DOLL BABY! I'll take her ... match me!

Cindy Foote said...

Rochelle! Your post is blowing me away. You are so knowledgeable and I can't thank you enough for blazing a path for us all to follow and support. Did you call and talk to my husband? If so, he has your number for me and I will give you a call. If not... call me: 817.821.4767. Would love to talk with you.

Cristie, Fran was orphaned by the earthquake so she is not adoptable just yet. But... when that day comes I'm all for Keemie's bestie being in your household!

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