Friday, March 12, 2010

Katie in Haiti, Prayer needs, Orphanage Needs

Katie will be flying to Haiti tomorrow with a team from We Hear Your Voice. Please pray for her. Click on her name in that first sentence and you can read her blog and her personal prayer requests.

Katie was able to buy a baby doll in Miami for K. AND we found out that HCRM could use peanut butter for the kids because they desperately need protein and the pb is too expensive in Haiti. So Katie was able to buy some pb to take with her. But if you have a way to get more pb to Haiti - DO IT! And also, I found out that HCRM could use mattresses for the orphans. They orphans have been living outside since the earthquake (over 8 weeks now) and they are sleeping on rocks, broken tables, etc. Don't know how one could go about getting mattresses out there - but if you have any ideas - do it!


Anonymous said...

Angel Staffing in San Antonio has been sponsoring volunteer teams of RNs and EMTs to the orphanage and a hospital in haiti (including myself). They are returning soon to build bunk beds for the children.. I returned home March 22 from the orphanage and I know first hand the children love PB and they each have a sleeping bag to sleep on. Angel Staffing is working hard to provide mattresses.

Love Rosanna Estrada

Cindy Foote said...

We were able to raise the money for the mattresses and last I heard Harvest International is sending the money to the RN's working at HCRM so they can oversee the mattresses being bought and delivered. Hopefully someone can take pictures so I can share with the donors the joy on the faces of the children who will sleep comfortably on these new mattresses! Thanks to Angel Staffing of SA for helping make the delivery! I hear it is going to be soon! YAY!

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