Monday, March 22, 2010

Another K Update!

Today in my FB inbox I found this delightful note (Katie, you are going to love this!)

Hi Cindy,
my name is Rosanna, I am a RN volunteering right now in Haiti at the orphanage where K is at. I hope you do not mind me witting to you. I saw a picture of your family with your name and got your name from there. I am at the orphanage currently and will be heading today back home to San Antonio. I have lots of pictures of the children and K. I have a coloring that K did, and I would love to give it to you as well as the picture of her holding it for you. I met a group that visited her, I believe they are friends of yours, and she loves that baby doll they gave her, she is always carring it around. I will be home Tuesday if you want to meet.
Love from Haiti

I can't wait to see the picture of K holding her artwork for us! To families that are waiting on their children at HCRM - if Rosanna has any pictures of your kiddos I will get them to you!


Elissa said...

LOVE it!

Lauren said...

how sweet!!! That's just wonderful! :)

The Oswalds said...

Amazing & Exciting!

shawna McCabe said...

How wonderful!! So happy for you, momma. Hugs, sm

Emily said...

Oh you have such a sweet blog. :) I am a new follower now.
Xoxo & blessings,

Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Cindy, I am in tears going through this page... I have tons of pics of Keemberlie and several other children, I have over 1000 pics! I printed out the pics I have of Keemberlie for you and can do the same for any one else. Just put them in contact with me and I can see if I have pics of their children!

"Little Keemberlie" as I called her, is a joy to be around, her smile and laugh radiate. She was one of the first children I met, she would hold my hand as we walked up to the stairs.

God opened up my heart to Haiti and the children. Being able to volunteer at the orphanage was truly a blessing. I loved every moment of it, and am counting the days so I can return.

Love Rosanna Estrada

Cindy Foote said...

Rosanna! I just found your comment! Thank you so much! I will meet with you when I get back in town. Sorry for my crazy schedule! Blessings! Can't wait to meet you!

Marti Pieper said...

Cindy--what are the odds that Rosanna would find you?

You know the answer! And I love you.

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