Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Mid-week comic relief... we all need it! 

1. Sometimes I wonder if Libby has bad hearing or if she is just a typical four year old trying to process what she hears. Yesterday Libby was asking me how "K" is going to come home to us from Haiti. I went on (probably too long) to explain that "the Hope Act needs to pass first". A few minutes later Libby asked, "Mommy, what's the Poke A**?"   I said, "WHAT did you say?" "What's the Poke A**?" she asked again. Somehow she had taken the word "pass" and mixed it in with "hope" and "act".... I laughed so hard I cried when I figured out what she meant! And then, not realizing that she was saying a bad word/phrase but seeing that I was tickled beyond words, she just started saying it over and over again... OH NO!

2. A couple of weeks ago I found out about a great hair product for our Ethiopian princess with curly black locks, Gracie. But the only store that carries it is "Whole Foods" which is not close to our house - but is close to an outdoor store that Billy likes to visit occasionally. So, when Billy informed me he was headed that way I had a brief moment of thinking he could go pick this product up for me while he was out that way... UNTIL I really thought about the name of the product and pictured Billy asking a store clerk to help him find it....See for yourself:

Yep - It's called "Kinky Curly Curling Custard"  - and Billy is BALD!

3. Libby is a gold-medal nose picker. I try with all my might and wit to stop this from happening, but is not my nose and not my finger so I am rendered powerless. Anyway - I was driving home one day and as I glanced in the rear view mirror I could see Libby digging for gold. I explained all the reasons why she shouldn't do this. Still, she dug. But eventually she started to get sleepy and her finger quick its labor while her head began to bobble. Not wanting her to fall asleep in the car I excitedly suggested, "Libby, stay awake. Let's talk so you don't get sleepy!" In her slight slumber she managed to mutter with confidence, "I'd rather just pick my nose."

4. Last but not least: Most Embarassing Moment EVER:
A few weeks ago I was eating lunch with a dear friend and her two kids. We talked over lunch for a long time and our girls were getting a little unsettled. Libby came to my right side to play with Gracie while I continued to face forward and talk with Angie. I saw Gracie give Libby a sweet kiss on her cheek and then kept listening to Angie's story. Gracie kisses with an open mouth. She's a baby and that's just how the kiss is given. Libby must have found that very interesting in that very public moment, because next thing I knew I could see Angie's face take on a look of unusual and intense curiosity...maybe even a little PANIC. I turned my head slowly to the right, not sure what I was about to see and there in front of rush hour lunchers I saw Libby open mouth kissing Gracie's mouth - both with slober all over their faces. I didn't know what to think, I was so taken back. I bursted out laughing (the best option out of the ones circling in my head) and began to turn a thousand shades of red. I asked Angie, "were they just..." and she finished my sentence/question with "they looked like they were full on making out." OH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!! Really, are spit, drool and lips so interesting that they had to play like that in a restaurant at lunch time????? I found myself looking for a quick exit out of this lunch date. On the way home I was overcome with embarassment at what people must be thinking.... OH MY GOSH!!!!! I'm sure glad Angie still wants to be my friend! Its funny now, but innocent as they were - it just didn't look right! 

What's your most embarassing moment???....if you dare to tell!

Witty, Whimsical, Wacky Libby

Wonderful, Watchful, Welcoming Gracie


carissa said...

bahahahaha!!! i was going to pick my favorite but i absolutely cannot. just the fact that you are going to have "kinky curly curling custard" in your house is beyond funny. those pics are presh - i really do love libby's haircut. and gracie just looks as sweet as ever! love you!

Hilary Surratt said...

those are so funny & I was laughing out loud on the couch next to my husband as I was reading them, he kept asking, "what's so funny?" SO I had to share your stories! too precious!

Kimberly said...

You have a beautiful family!!

Elissa said...

She is a hoot! I forgot to tell you something really sweet she said last night. She asked why we have two dogs, and so I gave some lame explanation of why Gus liked having a sister just like she likes having Gracie as a sister. You know what she said? "I have another sister too, her name's (K)." Lord, please hurry K home to her booger picking, cussing, kinky curly sisters!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I laughed really hard at your post and then laughed even harder at Elissa's comment. Booger picking, cussing, kinky curly sisters! Who would have ever thought YOUR kids would be described as such:))))

melifaif said...

Do you know that some Targets now sell the Kinky Curly brand?! Yes...they do. I am excited...and although it looks like you are doing a terrific job with Gracie's hair...this may be helpful.

Many blessings,

p.s. If you have not tried KNOT need too. It's fab for daily refreshers.

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