Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Notes...

I love Keemberlie as if she is already home and completely mine. Only God can do that.

Gracie loves shoes. I've known all along she would be my fashion diva.

Libby stuck her thumb into her little hiney without me knowing it and then came to me saying, "mom, smell my thumb"... I've never been so disgusted.

When asked what she would like to see Jesus do for the youth here in Midland this weekend she said, "I want Jesus to make them sweaters." It wasn't cold out then... but this morning it was... She may be prophetic after all.... a prophet with a smelly thumb.

Sleeping in a hotel room with my entire family - no matter how wonderful the hotel room is  - is always a sleepless adventure.... Billy snores on hotel beds. I keep telling him to bring his own pillow, but he is stubborn and thinks that would make him less of a man.... I'm about to make him less of a man if he doesn't stop snoring!

When asked if she wanted milk or juice (a few days ago) Libby answered, "My pleasure is Coke." Who taught her how to talk like that? Lately she also uses the phrase "sorry folks" often.

I love watching Libby and Gracie greet each other in the morning with hugs and kisses as if they've been apart for days and have missed each other terribly.

Took a bath in our hotel's HUGE whirltub with Libby tonight. We turned on the bubbles and enjoyed relaxing together. I can't wait to stick Keemberlie, Gracie and Libby in a tub all together.

Gracie hums... a lot... I've never heard a baby do that. She hums to put herself to sleep and she starts humming the second she wakes up. If I hum or sing a tune to her she listens to the whole thing and as soon as I stop, she tries to hum the same tune. She's done this since the day we got her and I love it.

Both my girls are sound asleep in this dark hotel room and all I have to do is post random thoughts.. thanks for letting me.


Katie said...

I love you and your random notes! Come home soon!! I miss yall.

Marti Pieper said...

You are a total crack-up. Feeling random myself this late at night. Praying for you and especially sweet Keemberlie so much. God reminded me today that He knows what it's like to be separated from His child, too. And one more random thought: since He has called you as her parents and ordained her as your child, she IS already yours.

I love you!

Debi said...

Love your random notes!
What sources of joy and creativity your girls are! May the joy of the LORD always be their strength.
Love and hugs and prayers,

skm said...

I'm laughing out loud this morning over your random thoughts! Thanks for sharing. I love it!
Kristie Martinez

Lisa said...

Love your random thoughts!

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