Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going GREEN!

My list is almost green! Getting so close to authentication, translation and legalization. Hope to have all the docs ready by Tuesday night so I can drive to Austin Wednesday for State Authentication!  Then I can ship a hard copy to the translator and she'll take about a week to translate it all - and I can relax on my trip while she works! Here's where we are on gathering documents:

1. Notarized Application Letter.  Letter requesting to adopt a child from Haiti.
(Each family creates a small formal request for IBESR) - 

2.  Certified copy of Birth Certificate on Adoptive Father 
                                   Billy's arrived - has been sent back to KY for State Authentication

3.  Certified copy of Birth Certificate on Adoptive Mother.
                                   Waiting on mine.

4.  Certified copy of Marriage Certificate.
                                  Waiting on this. 

5.  Certified copy of your Divorce Decree(s), if any.
                                 NOT APPLICABLE TO US!!!

6.  Notarized Home study.

7..  Notarized Declaration and Certificate Concerning the State of Health of Prospective Adoptive Parents  for each spouse.
                           PICKING UP NOTARIZED LETTER ON TUESDAY!

8.   Notarized Police Letter for Adoptive Father  - DONE!

9.   Notarized Police Letter for the Adoptive Mother.  DONE!

10.  Notarized Psychological Evaluation.
                           PICKING UP NOTARIZED LETTER ON MONDAY!

11.   Two Notarized letters of Reference addressed to “The Officials of the Republic of Haiti”.
                         ONE DONE! JUST HAVE TO PICK UP THE OTHER ONE!
12.  One Notarized letter of reference from church addressed to "The Officials of the Republic of Haiti"

13.   Notarized Bank Letter, with attached bank statements.

14.   Notarized Employment Letter for Billy.

16.   Notarized Employment Verification letter for me.
                   WRITTEN AND NOTARIZED

17.  3 passport type photos attached to Certification of Pictures for each adult.  (These DO NOT have to be processed like the other documents – just notarized, but must go to Haiti with your Dossier.)
                   DOING THIS MONDAY OR TUESDAY - anyone know a cheap place to get the passport photos done... UPS is expensive!

18.  Copy of most recent taxes (Does NOT have to be processed like other documents)

19.  After you received the I-171H from the USCIS office please also submit a copy of the approval attached to the enclosed I-171H Certification Cover Sheet.
                   GOT IT TODAY!!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

20.  Notarized Power of Attorney x2 - WRITTEN AND NOTARIZED!

21.  G-28 form, one for each parent, signed.  Two lists mention the need for this form. Hope to find out today
       if it is necessary. DONE!

1. I 600 form
2. I-864 form
3. Last 3 years income tax returns and supporting W-2's
4. Current pay stub
5. Payments to HCRM


carissa said...

woo hoo!!! i'm so excited for you! what a major relief. we must do some celebrating, that must include chocolate! love you!

LynnieB said...

Walgreens is good for passport photos. $8/sheet, I believe. You are amazing! Fastest dossier doer in the west. :)

Tami said...

We used walgreens. It is expensive for one little picture (about $8) but it is worth the money for your precious little girl :)

Marti Pieper said...

Praying for you as you "go green." I was going to recommend Walgreen's on the passport photos, too. Must be a word from the Lord!

I am so thankful to read that you have other families standing alongside you to help with the details of adopting from Haiti. And you know you have many more standing alongside you spiritually and cheering you on as you move toward bringing your precious girl HOME!

Mucho love from Florida!

Elissa said...

I think Walgreens is $8 per set of pics, so you would have to pay $32to get 3 of you and 3 of Billy. Boo. So I took them ourselves and printed them on photo paper! I used some "real" passport pics we had as a template to make sure our heads were the right size, etc, and it totally worked! If you haven't done it yet, come over and I'll do it for you when you get back!

Debi said...

Moving along!!!! Praying for God's grace and direction for every step. His timing and ways are perfect.
Love and hugs and prayers,
Ps. Another amazing family that just brought home a beautiful son from Haiti, the Pattersons. I'm pretty sure they are in Texas also. Check out their blog:

Emy said...

It's so awesome to have that checklist almost completed! Woo Hoo!

You might already have your pictures done, but we didn't use actual passport pictures. We just took a snap shot in front of a nuetral background and then cut them out the correct size. Cheap and easy!!! :o) Our agency said that was all we needed. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Try Costco for passport photos. I think they are $4.99.

Jenn said...

Woo Hoo!!!! You are moving along!!!

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