Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gracie's 2 Year Anniversary of Gotcha Day!

 On June 9, 2011 we celebrated Gracie's 2 year anniversary of Gotcha, er....actually it was a few days after that - but we did celebrate it!! Libby and I made a cake for her. We had a special dinner and then family time at the pool. Gracie enjoys when her daddy tells her her adoption story. She likes to think about being that once tiny little baby. As I recall all that transpired the summer of 2009, I am amazed that we all survived! It was a tough summer. But Gracie was the sweetest new addition and worth all the challenges the summer brought our way.  She is a thriving, 3T-wearing, curly-Q cutie pie. She and Libby play so well together (as long as Gracie is following all of Libby's instructions:)) and we are so very happy to be family, with Gracie!

Gracie, you are SO silly!

There's that flirty/sneaky look she always gives....

not the best pic, but proof we did go to the pool that day;)
A little story behind this pic: The girls and I made a plate and mug for Keemberlie that we set on the table for dinner every night. On the plate is painted the Scripture "He prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies". I want my girls to get the idea that just as Keemberlie cannot see this plate set for her we cannot see the table set for us in heaven - but it is just as real. Well, the girls took it even further and used all their play food to make a feast for Keemberlie. So, Keemberlie - on this Gotcha Day celebrating Gracie you were not forgotten. We long to have you home. We pray with tears for your gotcha day. But in the mean time, even though you cannot see it right now - a table and a feast is set for you in faith that YOU WILL COME HOME!


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