Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And her name will be....

I know I've changed it a few times. If you followed our journey to Gracie you remember the 5 names changes that took place along the journey.  So, I know you're not surprised:)

But seriously, we've decided absolutely, positively, no doubt on Keemberlie's name once she comes home AND we have her approval.

Her name will be........ Sunny Eliza Foote. We'll call her Sunny.

Her disposition is always so cheerful and our prayer is that she will always look to the Son of God especially in the darkest times. Eliza has a special meaning as well.

Love knowing we've chosen the right name. Once less thing to figure out:)

Keep praying over our paperwork. God is on the move! We are so close to getting out of the social services department I can almost feel it.

Thank you!


Debi said...

Wahoo!!! Love that name! Perfect for her. Each step of faith is one step closer to bringing her home to her family. Now to change from praying for Keemberlie to Sunny!
God wrap your love and protection and joy around Sunny. Move her paperwork into the right hands. Letter the authorities sense their partnership with you as they approve her case. Move quickly, LORD, for your glory and praise. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Jen Wells said...

I was thinking about you today - about the pain and joy of 'pregnant anticipation' and the desire to get your sweet girl home. I love the name Sunny - I think that is precious. It fits the pictures I've seen of her - she radiates joy.

Jesus please bring Sunny home soon and safe - and please give Billy and Cindy faith and peace to finish strong.

Prayers and love,
Jen Wells

The Reeds said...

It's beautiful!! I love it. Still praying!

Jenn said...

Love, love, love the name Sunny Eliza!! It's very fitting for her. Annie's middle name is Alyse, which I think has the same meaning as Eliza, "God's promise", which is something I've been standing on through this whole journey. Praying Sunny Eliza Foote home!!!

melifaif said...

Ahhh....I love it!!!! Gives me chills....but the sun warms me. ;-)

carissa said...

I can't wait to meet miss Sunny!!! I love her bright smile already. : )

Mrs. T said...

I've spent the last, hmmm, a long time looking at your blogs. I'm not really sure how I found them. Somehow through googling "adoption story blogs".
We are in the "prayer stage" of adoption, not sure what the Lord has planned for us, a happy family of 5 that just wants to bring glory to God. Adoption is very heavy on my heart and has been for years.... I was wondering if you'd be willing to e-mail me. I'd like to pick your brain on your
Thanks! God Bless,

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