Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Double Yellow Line Event

While most of the spring was spent getting the No Double Yellow Line EP ready, May and June were spent getting ready for The No Double Yellow Line Event. It was the night of my EP/CD (whatever you want to call it) release concert in conjunction with Ground To Cup Coffee's child sponsorship launch of a CarePoint (Warancha) in Ethiopia through Children's HopeChest. 

I was a nervous wreck thinking about speaking on stage. Singing is one thing - speaking - ENTIRELY another. But as I laid my head down to sleep the night before with my stomach all tied up in knots I prayed for God to give me peace and I heard him ask - "What really matters?" And I knew - only Him. And I fell asleep and experienced the most peaceful sleep. I woke with peace and finished with peace. It was great walking in the Spirit through it all. I was able to let go every issue with the sound, every worry about what to say, every ache in my body for things to go just right, every thought that I might mess up and just say what God was telling me to say. 

The night was a special one. Ground To Cup Coffee raised 25 sponsors that night - and probably more stepped up to the plate after that night. The awareness of orphans was heightened. Many wonderful stories came out of that night. God worked on hearts. It was good. 

There are MANY thank you's to share. 
Thank you to Doug and Cristie Martine for inviting me to play such a big part in the night. They allowed me the freedom to take the time I needed to share all the songs on a night that was primarily about the work God was doing in their hearts for the orphans of Ethiopia - from which, they are currently adopting. Thank you for all the preparation you did to make this event beautiful and meaningful. I know it was stressful at times (especially the change of venue part:) but you handled it all beautifully.

Thank you to CrossBridge Community Church for allowing us the use of their facility. Thank you Debbie Ashton, facility coordinator, for your sweet spirit and wonderful help.

Thank you to Hillside Fellowship for allowing us to use your sanctuary for rehearsal, for free.

Thank you band - Jon Meyer on electric (who also wrote out all the chords and ran our rehearsal time for me:), Brady Redwine (who brilliantly played banjo, dobro, B3 organ, keys, mandolin), Kevin Peters on drums, Isaac Brown on bass, Billy Foote on acoustic guitar and Greg Jones on harmonica (who took on that task just one hour before the event began:)

Thank you Jennifer Verme for taking on the center pieces and coming up with the most creative arrangements I think I've ever seen. You have such a gift, girl. Thank you also for the pictures you took that night. They are included below. Jenn is an awesome photographer. Check out her work at:

Thank you Angela Peters for watching my girls during rehearsal. Thank you Angela and also Alysia Brown for arriving at event early to help set up and run the CD table. 
Thank you Firoozeh and Shahram for coming early to help set up and run last minute errands. You were so precious...and I know you were also praying! Thank you!

Thank you Billie Gill and Kitchen team for preparing the most fabulous meal!!! I know it took an incredible amount of time/prep. You did an awesome job!

Thank you Ground to Cup Coffee for providing the brisket for the meal.

Thank you, Corene, of Photography by Corene, for offering to come out for free to photograph the evening. I am very much looking forward to seeing your work!

Thank you Mike Vinson of Children's HopeChest, for making this launch possible and for flying in from RUSSIA to share your heart/vision.

Thank you guests - friends, community - for supporting the event by joining us, sponsoring children, buying coffee, necklaces and CDs. Thank you for your words of encouragement and thank you for sharing the stories of how God used the night to move your heart for the orphan. 

I sure hope I'm not missing anyone!!

And here are the photos from the night by: Jennifer Verme of Bend The Light Photography:

Mike Vinson of Children's HopeChest

Cristie Martine


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