Saturday, June 25, 2011

Trip to SC

Two weeks after vacation, the girls and I headed to SC to visit my family while Billy flew to Washington state for a songwriter's retreat with our label, Centricity. Billy had a fabulous time with the Centricity gang and did some AWESOME co-writing....I believe you will be hearing a song or two in the near future:) Meanwhile, the girls and I enjoyed Charleston beaches, family and friends.... 
Taylor, Libby and Camryn (the two blondes belong to my sister,  Becky)

backyard pool fun

nothin' but cool goin' on

and pom poms

Folly Beach, I have missed you.

Becky and Camryn

checkin' out the waves

three amigas...the fourth was being a princess:)

fun in the sun

peak a boo hiney

all the colors of the rainbow and more

so. stinkin. beautiful.

sweet, sweet, sweet Taylor


My granddad (far left), dad, and mom..... I really thought this might be the last time I would see my granddad. He had cancer and many other troubles. This was also the most alert my mom was all week. She has been sick for nearly 26 years and I also wondered, during my trip, how long it would be before she left this earthly home. But God had something HUGE in store.....more about that in another post to come!!)

Pepa, my girls and me

Hipsta Libsta

My brother, Kelly, with our beautiful and all-grown-up niece, Taylor

We celebrated Sage's first birthday! (Kelly, Sage, Carissa)

The Sweet and Pretty Birthday girl!

Hunter and Libby playing with the train track. Hunter looks just like my brother did at this age. So adorable!

Sage, Carissa and baby-loving Gracie

my dad taking my girls for a "snake hunt"....wasn't too sure about that but they sure latched to his hand for the walk....which was probably my brilliant dad's plan all along:)

long layover in Houston on the way home. Gracie spent the time loving on her babydoll


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