Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fun, Part Dos!

What is summertime with sunflowers! And let me do a happy dance right here and now for actually growing a plant and not killing it! These beauties grace our backyard and make me look like I know what I'm doing...if but for a season...

And speaking of flowers.... below are pics of the BEAUTIFUL flowers my sweet friends Mark and Whitney Allen sent me the day before the event. I was so surprised and blessed!

watercolor on faces because watercolor wouldn't be fun enough on paper

dinner, puppet show and costume sharing with new friends, the Sims family

And more pool time!

The Sunglass Gang

 And introducing - the most awesome child-throwing dad at the neighborhood pool.....


Elissa said...

I just burst into tears seeing pictures of your girls!! I miss you all so much! And I'm a mess :)

I was showing Hope pictures on our computer and came to the one of all the China girls at China camp last year. I named each one and she pointed to Libby and said, "beautiful!" :) Can't wait for her to meet you guys!!!

JinXiu said...

wow the girls are getting so big. have a great summer

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