Tuesday, December 07, 2010

And Then She Turned Five....

Our first baby girl, Libby, turned five on Nov. 23, but before her actual birthday we had birthday party round one. And where would a five year old ask to have a party??? Chuck-E-Cheese, of course! It was a blast!
Libby is maturing into a bright, considerate, witty, sweet and always beautiful girl. She's a tremendous helper to me and loving big sister to Gracie. I'm so proud of her! In her short five years she has transitioned moved from China to San Antonio, traveled the States with us for 4 years, worked alongside of us cross-culturally with refugees in our city, waited on baby sister Gracie, traveled with us to Ethiopia under some really difficult circumstances, transitioned to being a big sister, waited for Keemberlie and has been with me to Haiti twice. I'd say she's been through a lot for a five year old!
Birthday Girl at home before the party.

Libby with Proud Daddy

Love holding my big girl. Will take any hug I can get!

The set up at Chuck-E-Cheese

Party favors

Gracie and Mooj having fun at the party

Sweet Lane and Beautiful Donna

The Batman Cake

Gracie makes her way around to Mrs. Cristie to remind her that Mrs. Cristie's Ethiopian son-to-be will be really cute and lovable just like Gracie.

Maliah and Olivia

Mark and Shey - Mark and Whitney's Haitian kiddos came to the party and handled the chaos very well. I can't imagine what was going through their heads. They've for sure never seen such entertainment before!

Malea and Dakota having big girl fun

Libby meets Chuck E and receives her birthday crown

Lily brings her present to Libby. I love how well these two play together these days. SO FUN!
Libby chose Maliah to join her in the ticket cage where the tickets blow around everywhere while they catch as many as they can. ADORABLE!

Makayla and Mark

Ticket Blast!

Daddy bought Libby her first pair of waders for her birthday.  Fish in the Guad - watch out!


Elissa said...

Great pics! Loved celebrating the big numero cinco with sweet Libby!

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