Monday, December 06, 2010

Play Room Painting

Since we moved into this home 2 years ago I have wanted to paint the playroom and do something fun with it, but time was not on my side. I finally decided this fall to just make it happen. I painted the walls a  happy yellow. Then I found a children artist print online of a zebra with a blue background that I loved. But the print could only be ordered in a 12x16 size or smaller. These walls needed something bigger than that so I bought two canvases and recreated the artist's ideas with acrylic paints... check out the funky giraffe and zebras below. I can't remember the artists' name... I need to look him up again and post his info here since I totally ripped him off (sorry, Mr. artist). Last, I cut out felt leaves in different colors and a tree trunk, then tacked some black felt onto a framed corkboard. Now we can use the tree leaves to do some math concepts and the kids can change it around however they like. 


Emily said...

wow! i love those paintings! they're so darling as is the rest of the room. :)

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