Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More Birthday Celebrations and Thanksgiving in Longview, Oh Wait...Christmas Too!!!

We headed to Longview for the Thanksgiving week, but that particular week in the Foote family is not just about Thanksgiving. BC, Billy James and Libby all have birthdays in November. And since we switch each year's celebrations between my side of the family and Billy's side, whoever we are with for Thanksgiving gets an early Christmas too! Needless to say, it was a BUSY week of PARTIES and CELEBRATIONS! We celebrated each of the special moments in Wendy and Robbie's new and beautiful home. It was the perfect place for gathering. The pictures below tell the story of the week...

Papa is just as silly (maybe more) as Gracie
the big girls eating...and see, Papa Boots really is silly

Wendy gets her Gracie love

These three amigas had a blast together

For Billy and Libby's birthday party Winky made half the cake a soccer theme for Libs and half a fishing theme for Billy. Really cute!

The birthday pair

Libby: "I can't wait to hear the crinkle of paper." 

Helping Papa Boots open his birthday present from us

party hats and cute girls

Libby and Grammy with their sweet Grammy

Thanksgiving Day family photo

Thanksgiving Day Family Photo with BC, Winky and Tompkins family

A very cool trio

sisters in green

Winky's mom,  and Robbie's mom

Karen, Wendy and Robbie

The complete family photo adding in great grandparents and Stark family

sorry this one is sideways, it won't fix for me...but its so cute I can't leave it out. Grammy buys the girls new matching pjs every year and these red gowns are just beautiful! Grammy even bought one for Keemberlie so it's here waiting for her when she comes home!!!

more pjs!

Christmas celebration included gifts of various dress up clothes. Libby got a knight costume, a police uniform, a doctor uniform and an indian costume - some from birthday gifts and some for Christmas. Brooke got this adorable outfit and a matching one for one of her dolls. All the girls got a TON of gifts - board games, clothes, baby dolls...you name it! Now to find a place for it all.

BC and Winky with their three grandbabies

Gracie got tictacs in her stocking because she asks for them ALL DAY. She walks around saying, "Tac Tac, pwease." And if I say no she says, "Oh pwease mommy" as she bats her eyes and grins.

A special Christmas gift for Keemberlie from Grammy. It was an ethnic Barbie doll and doll clothes along with a coloring book and other things she received in a stocking. Can't wait til she's home to play with it all.

Robbie opening his gifts.

Me and Gracie opening Christmas gifts

Gracie ADORES the  baby dolls she received from her grandparents and her aunt Wendy and Uncle Robbie. She kisses them, talks to them, feeds them... just so precious.

The beautiful Christmas tree in entrance to the Tompkins home.

Once we arrived home Libby went through all her costumes over and over again. She makes a really cute Indian, don't you think?

Gracie in the precious outfit Grammy gave her for Christmas. I love it!!!

In all, the week in Longview was a fabulous one with memories to cherish forever! Thank you to the Foote and Tompkins families for making our visit so special!


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