Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gracie at 21 months

Gracie is the sweetest baby born on earth. She simply loves to love. She hugs and kisses us constantly. She rarely meets a stranger. And once she knows who you are she will say hi to you like your the most special thing in the world to her even if she just saw you ten minutes before. At 21 months she has learned many more words - although mostly she says just the first part/syllable of a word. The ending sounds or extra syllables aren't there just yet. She still walks out of balance. She wobbles. No developmental delay - just a natural wobble that she manages well. I couldn't enjoy anything more than watching Libby and Gracie enjoy one another. 


melifaif said...

Oh, they are so fabulous and cute. I keep on praying for your wonderful, giving heart and your growing family.

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