Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pre-K Wrap Up

Libby and I jumped into the homeschool world last January. So this December brought the fun realization that we have now completed our first year of homeschooling together and Libby is now done with Pre-K. Kindergarten here we come! Tonight we had a brief little celebration with Libby letting her know how proud we are of all she has learned this year. She's memorized 90 timeline cards, over 12 Bible verses, and many more facts. She's reading short words with short vowel sounds!  I've read a TON of books to her (thank you Sonlight!), completed four workbooks full of auditory, visual and memory skills tests and..... we survived. More than that, we've enjoyed it (for the most part ;) ).

This is the certificate we gave her tonight for completing pre-K:


Candice Howell said...

Cindi I have a friend that is going to Haiti next week. Laura isn't sure what part she will be a but if she is where Keemberlie is out I asked her if she could take some pictures and send them to you. Do you mind sharing with me your email address. Mine is candice.howell@mserailroad.com I would love to get all of Keemberlie's info so Laura will know her and can give her a big hug from ya'll.

JinXiu said...

wow the girls got so big. happy holidays

Staci and Emilee

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