Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Haiti, My third trip

My lack of journaling is evidence of the the busy-ness of our lives this fall. I have much catching up to do. For starters - my third trip to Haiti to visit Keemberlie. Libby went with me again (her 2nd trip). It would take too much time to share all the details. So the short version is this:

1. Traveled with a large travel group of other families also adopting from HCRM and enjoyed getting to know them very much
2. Went with expectations that proved to be too high regarding moving our paperwork along
3. Keemberlie showed me a backpack full of all the photo albums I've sent plus a Bible Libby sent via me on my previous trip. I was so excited to see that she actually still had it and even more - that she cherished it all. When Libby saw the Bible she said, "I did it mom! I told her about Jesus!" I about fell over in a heap of tears.
4. Keemberlie came down with a stomach bug and threw up for two days (beginning on our first afternoon there)  leaving Libby in a funk because they couldn't really play together
5. Libby discovered a racing game on another mom's iphone and decided to immerse into that world rather than Keemberlie's or mine. But at least she found something to do and enjoyed it.
6. Did not get near as much done as I had desired regarding Keemberlie's paperwork (did I already say that?)
7. Was not able to meet Keemberlie's biological grandmother (had a good cry over that since this is my third adoption and I've personally been prevented from meeting each of my girls' biological mothers.
8. Enjoyed every second with Keemberlie, especially the afternoon she let me hold her and sing over her
9. Felt guilty/torn between Libby, Keemberlie and paperwork matters the entire time
10. Enjoyed watching Libby play in the "fort" I made with a sheet hanging down from top bunk  - making our shared bottom bunk a hideout (which ended up being quite a needed escape a few times)
11. Discovered I am really unable to take such cold showers without feeling like I'm having a seizure.
12. Highlight was the impromptu dance party in our room with several of the orphans and Libby and Keemberlie on our last night.
13. Lowest point - Realized on the last night that Keemberlie thought I had come to take her home this time and had to find a way to tell her that it would be much longer through a translator...which was a kid who can barely speak English. Have no idea what actually got communicated.
14. came home sick
15. papers still not in IBESR and now its December! IBESR is where the adoption paperwork will be processed and where the wait time is completely unknown
16. currently - no end in site and Keemberlie's 7th birthday is Monday the 6th.

I realize most of that sounds negative... Not trying to sound like a downer. Its just the reality of this last trip. I did get a few great pictures once Keemberlie was feeling better! And no matter how discouraging the trip might have been - seeing Keemberlie made it all worthwhile. And seeing Keemberlie and Libby enjoying one another was icing on the cake.

So - here's the enjoyable part of this entry  - the happy memories caught on camera:

our first minutes at HCRM

Libby has outgrown Keemberlie by two inches even though Keemberlie is two years older

I knew Keemberlie didn't seem like herself because her smile was reserved. That afternoon is when she started throwing up. Poor thing!

not my best photo day. I look tired and weird! But I love my girl Keemberlie!

Sunday morning. Keemberlie was too sick to go with us but I still dressed her up to get a cute photo. Still, she was unable to smile her usual smile.

Have I mentioned how much I love her???? WHEN will she come home???

My favorite photo of my two big girls and me on this trip

Hero of the faith - Dr. John Leininger - with widow woman being given a home which someone donated a year's worth of rent to give her a roof over her head.

Lovin' the matchin' LOVE Ts.

strangely - their feet are almost identical other than their color.

we were able to deliver some packages to several children on this trip. These three were discovering the faces of their soon-to-be family through their first care package and photo albums!

A coloring party

Keemberlie sleeps on this bed with about 5 toddlers. It seems that she helps keep watch on them and cares for them.

Another sweet face we were able to deliver a first care package to!

same sibling group as mentioned a few pics above. Just love this photo of them!

Keemberlie getting a lecture from her teacher per my request. She was not interested in sitting and learning AT ALL. But, if you saw/heard everything going on in that one room you'd know why she was struggling with it. 

This picture sums up each of their favorite things to do on this trip: Keemberlie = eat. Libby = play video games

such adorable models! I heart this photo!

pure sweetness

trying to find a place to be alone with my girls... it lasted about 2 seconds, but it was sure fun while it lasted!

Received a call from pastor a couple of weeks ago letting me know Keemberlie fell and busted one of her baby teeth out of mouth. It was so kind of pastor to call and let me know. Sure wish I could have been there to hold and comfort her. Until then.... we keep praying!


Rachel said...

I really wish you that this process speeds up and Keemberlie comes home ASAP!! Praying

melifaif said...

Yes, we keep praying your third baby girl comes home soon. All of the pictures just made my heart warm and filled my eyese with tears. Of hope. And their feet???!!!??? Wow...

Debi said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad that you got to spend some time with precious Keemberlie. Praying for favor and speed in the paperwork hoops and approvals so your sweetie can come home soon. So hard to wait but we trust in God's perfect timing.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Sally Sturm said...

I will remember you as you wait for your precious Josie to come home. We wait as well to hear who our little girl or boy will be from Honduras. We are in this process for 3 years. We were told it would be a couple of months before we knew, that was back in August and still we wait! I understand your longing to be with her.

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